No question Donald Trump won Monday night’s debate   Leave a comment
Since Donald Trump declared he was running for President last June, the media and the Democrats pulled out all the stops to establish he was unfit to be President. The selective editing of video clips, the attack ads from the Clinton campaign, the memes and so on.

…September 26, 2016 comes.

It’s easy to see WHY Clinton’s campaign didn’t want her to debate and SEVERELY limited how much she debated. It clearly showed tonight and nevermind the fact the terrible moderator–NBC’s Lester Holt–couldn’t control the debate. LOL. Both candidates went over on every single point and on most of them, Trump clearly did better. Notice I said most but not all. I’d say over half.

The media was complicit in packaging Hillary Clinton as the “right” candidate. Tonight’s debate raised some serious questions. If I’m an undecided voter, I’m probably thinking Trump as president might not be as bad as I’ve been hearing after all.

And you know what? It might not be.

When asked at the end, Trump took the high road and said he would support his opponent if she won the election and THAT is what you want to hear. Yeah, American Politics are messy but at the end of the day, the American people deserve policy makers who know how to put aside politics ant get things done. We haven’t seen much of that since Bill Clinton was in office. Whoever the next president is needs to be capable of doing that much.
Now, the next two debates will be next month. Clinton managed to bait Trump in the second half of the debate into going off track but she shouldn’t ride on being able to do that in the next two debates. Trump clearly spent ALOT of time preparing for Monday night’s debate and it showed from his strong start. SAVAGE is the word I would use to describe how he did. Even when Clinton baited him in the second half, Trump managed to recover in at least half of those topics.

Trump WILL be better prepared next time. Hillary needs to come up with more than just  “You heard him, folks!” or “You’re wrong!” next time if she wants to convince undecided voters to go with her. The media is going to spin this a certain way but it was clear Trump took the debate much more seriously than Clinton did.

…As a reminder, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. I am voting third party in November.

Based on what I saw tonight, I honestly would not be bothered with Trump as president simply because we know what will be getting. With Clinton, we have NO CLUE because she changes positions on a dime when it’s convenient to do so. A damned shame Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were not permitted to participate. We truly are being forced to pick between two unpopular candidates.

I delight in the irony.

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