Multiple popular dating websites confirm what’s been long assumed   Leave a comment

If you are subscribed with a dating website like or, go close your account RIGHT NOW. A former employee of the website Plenty of Fish blasted the done to death formula used by her former employer and almost every other Dating Website out there via Social Media.

The former employee, who shared her story under the condition of anonmity stated:

“Yes, all member account data is money to Dating Websites. Members who buy a subscription can look forward to being contacted by fake accounts set up by the website’s staff directing them to sign up with an affiliate website and repeat the process over and over again until their account is bled dry. Those with free accounts are either pressured to subscribe or just ignored If the site is part of a network, a ping is sent to the other member websites to pressure the member of register to their sites, too just to repeat the process more or less. While I’m sure some people found their soulmates online, that wasn’t exactly the intent. Dating websites could care less if people actually meet. Their main concern is getting your personal information and your Credit Card info so they can sell it to the highest bidder.”

…Of course, this is nothing that most of us didn’t already at least suspect for some time now. I don’t normally post info like this without a source but I was emailed this from a friend who has an active Facebook account that I know wouldn’t lie about this. I trust my source 100%.

Free Dating Websites are no better on that note. Just look at Craig’s List, which the owner abandoned back in 2000 out of laziness. Let this be a lesson to those looking for love: Old school is the best way to go. What happened to just talking to people? When did meeting someone new become such a chore with so many walls and barriers?

Online Dating is the second-oldest online hustle after Internet porn. Shutting down the industry is too late at this point. Even I know that. Consider this blog post a warning: If you’ve never used a Dating Website, STAY AWAY!



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