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…Two weeks after Bernie Sanders officially conceded to Hillary Clinton and endorsed her, one thing has been made clear in the hours leading up this week: The Democratic Party is far from united. Bernie Sanders spoke to his delegates at the beginning of convention Tuesday afternoon, urging them to join him in backing Hillary Clinton. His call for unity was met with boos from his own base and cheers from Clinton’s. After speaking, he sent an email to all his supporters and rebuffed them, reminding them what’s at stake is more than partisan politics.

In an interesting contrast to the RNC, a who’s who of Democrats are converging on Philadelphia to make the case for Democrats nationwide on why Hillary Clinton must win the election in November. It certainly doesn’t hurt Bernie Sanders, President Obama, Clinton 42 and Elizabeth Warren are among the top voices championing her campaign at the DNC. Like the RNC, there will be testimonies from ordinary Americans who will make the case for why they believe Clinton is what’s best for the country. If the Democrats don’t want to have a repeat of the 2000 election, they would do well to remember the lessons of the past.

What was expected to be an easy victory for Vice President and Democratic Nominee Al Gore in the 2000 election ended in defeat not at the hands of Republican President George W. Bush but the intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court. Gore requested a recount after some democratic ballots in Florida went missing but the GOP blocked his efforts. Gore took the fight to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the GOP. Bush 43 was sworn in as President in short order as presumed.

We know what happened the following year on September 11, 2001. Bush 43, the GOP and the Military Industrial Complex used the attack by terrorists as an excuse to launch unprovoked attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. What was framed as avenging those who were killed and hunting down the group responsible became an illegal war and subsequent occupation of both countries.

The Democrats’ efforts to take back the White House in 2004 fell apart due to the candidates chosen at that time: John Kerry and John Edwards, both Senators at the time. Kerry lacked the presence needed to connect with voters and as would be revealed after the election, a sex scandal would bring an abrupt end to Edwards’ political career. The one silver lining for the Dems during Bush 43’s second term was the 2004 DNC introduced America to then Senator Barack Obama. The Democrats managed to retake control of Congress in 2006. They got another political victory in the Wall St. bailouts, which was considered an act of betrayal to conservatives by the GOP. Bush 43’s stimulus package–basically another tax return for most–did little too late to address the mounting national debt and unemployment rate. Writing a blank check to the military while slashing essential services and jobs will do that.

Barack Obama’s historic victory in 2008 was nearly overshadowed by The Great Recession. It was the worst economic collapse in America since The Great Recession. It was bad but nowhere near as bad as the Depression. The GOP capitalized on the tanking economy to retake control of Congress in 2010 but not before passing the Affordable Care Act–quickly dubbed Obamacare–which the GOP has tried and failed at every opportunity to both stop and defund when it was passed into law.

The Dems’ refusal to work with the GOP cost them control of Congress in 2010 and nearly the White House in 2012. Fortunately for the Dems, the GOP’s incompetence was still fresh in the minds of most Americans. Many conservatives were also uncomfortable with the idea of businessman and former governor Mitt Romney becoming president. It also didn’t help the GOP was still divided from the aftermath of the 2008 election–the rise of the National Tea Party during Obama’s first term started to tear the GOP apart from within. It also didn’t help their foreign policy called for carpet bombing the middle east.

Obama’s perceived “reluctance” to use military force went out the window when he greenlit the Black Op that led to the death of Al Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden. The 9/11 mastermind was found not hiding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan as had been long believed but in a compound deep inside neighboring Pakistan. The real test of Obama as commander of the U.S. Military came with the rise of ISIS. The Obama administration has ordered more airstrikes, bombings and drone attacks in the middle east than his predecessor.

As Obama’s second turn comes to a close, many current and former Democrats have come to realize their party is just as corrupt as the GOP. The recent leak of emails confirming the Democratic National Committee did everything in their power to ensure Bernie Sanders never had a chance in the Democratic Primaries infuriated his supporters. It also didn’t help Sanders not only endorsed Clinton two weeks ago but called on his supporters to back her as the Democratic Nominee. Addressing his delegates Monday night, Sanders told them Hillary Clinton must become the next President and she is the right person for the job.!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1280/image.jpg
…Or is she?

Even though she lacks the level of controversy the puppet candidate Donald Trump has, I feel it is extremely important to tell those who backed her from the beginning the criticism against her is rightly deserved.

Let’s get to the big one first: She is a former First Lady. Assuming she wins the election in November, by extension her husband Bill Clinton will become a 3-term presidemt through her. While it’s true the Bush, Roosevelt and Adams families had two presidents each in all three cases, the retired president didn’t get involved with sitting president. That won’t be a case with the Clintons even though it’s likely Clinton 42 will won’t be in the White House much due to his non-profit work.

Some Feminists and many of HRC’s most loyal supporters are trying to make the long dispoven case the “real reason” for the hate against her is because of her gender. That’s definitely not it. Nancy Pelosi is probably going to become the Majority Leader of the House in two years once again. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was also the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008 during Hillary Clinton’s first White House run. There is also another woman who is running for President as a third party candidate: Jill Stein.

…Is the country ready for its first female president? Absolutely BUT it should not have been under these circumstances. Yes, Clinton conceded to Obama in 2008 but the circumstances were very different: Obama played by the rules. HRC, the Dems and CNN used every means necessary including blatanrly breaking the law to ensure Clinton won the Democratic Nomination.

Now, let’s go back to Monday’s email leaks and as a reminder, the Russians have the traitor Eric Snowden working for them. The reveal vindicated Sanders supporters like myself who said for almost a year the primaries were rigged to ensure Bernie Sanders never had a chance from the beginning. The standoff I’m witnessing at the DNC between the Dems and Bernie Supporters is indicative of the Democratic Party’s corruption. Hillary Clinton will be the most unpopular Democratic President since Jimmy Carter. That’s a more than fair general assumption despite her making history as the country’s first female president. I will go over the reasons why in a week or two.


As the role call of the delegates began to play out for the country to see on CNN, you can see the somber expression of Senator Bernie Sanders as he watched the tally. Hillary Clinton clinched the votes needed to become the Democratic Nominee with the South Dakota delgation. Vermont elected to pass on announcing its delegation count in order during the roll call. As the roll call continued, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane had made their way to the Vermont delegation. His pensive expression said more than the words he would speak moments later would.

When the floor returned to Vermont, as expected Bernie Sanders would have the final word. In stunning move. Bernie Sanders called for his deligates to give ALL of his votes to HRC as soon as possible. The motion was unanimously voted YEA at once. Based on the reactions of the delegates, this was enough for (most of) them to endorse HRC.

As New York Times columnist Shaun King said in an article he released Tuesday afternoon, endorsing HRC was a much harder decision for Bernie than his supporters can possibly imagine. Much can be read into the emotion in Sanders’ voice when he emphatically uttered the words “Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States”. His emphasis on the word “must” speaks to more than just the mere partisan politics the Bernie or Bust, Stein/Johnson and GOP camps are focusing on. Things I will not digress any further in this blog post on. I certainly will in a separate post at a later time, though.

What I will end with is the Democratic Party is no longer what it once was. It’s easy for folks old enough to remember to suddenly forget Clinton 42’s two terms were the Dems’ best years since FDR was president: They controlled the White House, Congress AND the Supreme Court. They truly lost Congress in 2009 when Edward Kennedy passed away not long after President Obama was sworn in as the 44th President.

The Dems have been struggling with an identity crisis since 2000 prettymuch, mostly due to influences from both the media and Wall St. On that note, they are just as much to blame for the Recession as the GOP. They knew what was happening and didn’t do anything to soften the blow to the nation’s economy. What they did instead was take the opportunity to blame the GOP for creating the conditions for it to happen. Just like they blamed the GOP for the so-called “War on Terrorism” Hillary Clinton supported as both a Senator and Secretary of State. One thing the GOP has over the Dems is at least they’re consistent even when they’re wrong. With the Dems, they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want. That was made clear during the Democratic Primary for not just the whole country but the whole world to see. It WILL be remembered over the next four years should HRC win the election as she is scripted to do.

To those who are Republicans, Independents and otherwise it is EXTREMELY important that you follow the discussions at the DNC. The Democratic Party is clearly not “united” like Corporate Media and the Dems desparately want everyone to believe. The price that will be paid for what they’ve done will be steep, the likes of which I dare not say. On that note, the Third Party candidates have ZERO chance in November of winning a single district. I will get into why in a post next week.


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