Black Lives Matter calls for a nationwide protest   Leave a comment

I learned a few days ago Black Lives Matter called on Americans to join them in a nationwide protest of retail chains for 30 days. I’ve been broke since March so this won’t be a problem for me. The call was first put out via social media but I have been hearing from several people BLM is asking folks to not spread the word via social media. The reason for this is so neither the media or corporate interests can run interference. Out of respect for that concern, I speak not speak to half of why BLM asked for the 30-day boycott.

I WILL say that this does tie in with something I think I hinted at in two related posts before: People need to support local businesses. It’s no secret Wal-Mart devastates the local economies of the regions they open up in. I remember there being talk of Wal-Mart being very interested in opening a location in Boston’a Mattapan neighborhood about 14 years ago. The late Mayor Menino made it clear Wal-Mart was not welcome in Boston when he was in office. It may be a matter of time with the current mayor based on what I’ve seen so far though.

It’s especially important for folks who live in the suburbs and outlying neighborhoods of major cities to shop local. When a chain of any kind moves in, it takes money from a local equivalent. When I moved to Hyde Park a few years ago, I found a chain restaurant and a local restaurant that have a similar menu right across from each other. I always eat at the local one to support the local economy plus the food is REALLY good. The name of the Restaurant is River Grille. Feel free to Google it. When I’m looking to buy Manga, I go to Comicopia. It’s a small business located in Kenmore Square but it’s known nationwide since the business owner attends conventions in the area.

Prettymuch this isn’t that hard of a “request” if you already shop local. Just keep doing it ^_^

…At this time I drafted this, the Baton Rouge police killings hadn’t happened yet. I will talk about that in a separate post.




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