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Truemaster Trimingham of Albany, left, and Melissa Fleck of Albany light candles as people gather in Dana Park to mourn the lives of five black and brown men killed by police this week on Friday, July 8, 2016 in Albany, N.Y. Also honored was the life of Goddess Diamond, the 14th Black trans woman killed this year. (Lori Van Buren / Times Union) Photo: Lori Van Buren / 20037276A


I paused my self-imposed boycott of CNN last week to quickly get caught up on circumstances of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile at the hands of law enforcement. Thanks to the social media element, CNN has so far avoided straying for facts regarding how they died and more importantly, how they lived. I’m sure the tone will change once the results of the official investigations of their deaths are released but the video footage of what happened immediately after they were killed is impossible to ignore.

While I will always consider CNN along with Fox News and MSNBC to be part of the problem, they are treading lightly for now with how they frame protesters. I assume this picture has alot to do with that:

This is a picture of demonstrators who paid their headquarters in Atlanta a visit on Friday. Demonstrators were there to personally deliver a message to CNN: We’re watching you. Even though they briefly acknowleged their “uninvited guests” on the air, CNN never sent a team to meet with them from what I’ve been hearing. They know why they’re there so…yeah. Even though demonstrators were unable to speak to anyone inside, the message was clearly sent.

Alicia Clemente of Albany, 11, uses the microphone to speak to a crowd of people gathered in Dana Park to mourn the lives of five black and brown men killed by police this week on Friday, July 8, 2016 in Albany, N.Y. Also honored was the life of Goddess Diamond, the 14th Black trans woman killed this year. (Lori Van Buren / Times Union) Photo: Lori Van Buren / 20037276A

Efforts by racists and agitators on both sides to hijack the conversation need to be drowned out quickly. This picture and the first one at the top highlight an issue I think is much more important that the one they are there for: The right to protest and demonstrate. It is under attack and Corporate Media is leading the way in condoning a fundamental American right.

Look at the crowd in this picture and the first one. You see a mix of all races in this demonstration. CNN tried to call attention to Black Militant groups that have shifted their activities and propaganda online on Monday in a segment they ran. If you listen only to them, this picture shouldn’t exist.

Neither should this one:

People gather in Dana Park to mourn the lives of five black and brown men killed by police this week on Friday, July 8, 2016 in Albany, N.Y. Also honored was the life of Goddess Diamond, the 14th Black trans woman killed this year. (Lori Van Buren / Times Union) Photo: Lori Van Buren / 20037276A
You can clearly see the white guy openly holding the sign in the middle of this picture. This is a common theme at ALL the nationwide demonstrations on racism in Police Department. Rampant racism many cops have not only spoken out against but have been suspended or fired for trying to bring attention to it. The idea that “only black people” are at these demonstrations is a myth and a blatant lie. The idea that Black Lives Matter is a hate group is a lie. The idea that blacks “hate all cops” is a lie. The reverse of those last three statements is also true: The idea that “white people can’t understand the African American experience”, which former Republican Speaking of the House Newt Gingrich said this weekend is a lie. The idea that “most white cops are white supremacists: is a lie. The idea that “white cops go out of their way to kill black people” is a lie.

On that last one, I can think of four occaisions–all of them very personal–in which cops did not use deadly force to resolve a situation. I can’t spreak to three of them but the one I can and will has to do with when I was suffering from a psychotic episode around this time two years ago. In short, I was in mentally ill at the time and a threat to myself. I was also sitting in front of a police precinct and had a switchblade in my pocket. That could have ended VERY differently from how it actually did, especially given my state of mind at the time. I went from there straight to the hospital and the rest, as they say is history.

I shared that personal story to drive home the point BLM demonstrators are trying to make: Police need to change their approach in how they deal with African Americans compared to whites. Cops should also not feel threatened into silence when there is racism in their department. A black cop who spoke out against last week’s killings and condoned the actions of the officers involved via social media was suspended for doing so. That is a problem and while she knew it was probably going to happen, it shouldn’t have.


THIS is what The Establishment, White Surpremacists, Fox News and former New York Mayor Rudy Gulianni want the ignorant to believe BLM is about: Causing chaos and meyhem. Why? Because they want to define what BLM is for the ignorant and BLM won’t let them. Unable to do that, they’ve turned to slander. Of couse, BLM has proven itself more than ready and willing to take that on: Repeated efforts by CNN to try to get BLM leaders to accept or deny responsability in the last week for bad elements using the protests as a cover to cause trouble have been blocked at every attempt the network’s made to do so. BLM has no need to take responsability for the actions of the fringe few, nor are they obligated to.

One of the common lies Corporate Media has been spewing since Ferguson is BLM only comes up when a black unarmed men who are killed makes the evening news. Not true. They organize and lead protests weather the cameras are watching or not. They’re using the same tactics and MLK when you really think about it.

I want to stresss again BLM leads peaceful protests. They are not “a disorganized mob” like some politicians are trying to frame them. They do not encourage violence against police. In fact, the REAL targets of their protests aren’t actually cops but lawmakers and policymakers. I have come to this conclusion after doing extensive research on several protests in recent years on my own. I like to draw my own conclusions.

Now let’s address the bad elements I referenced before:

This is one of the most fascinating pictures I have EVER seen. CNN took it a step further and shot video of Black and White Supremicists who ran into each other and decided to march together on Monday. Corporate Media likes to focus on the bad elements because there’s money in that for them. It’s part of how they do business and that’s fine. The problem is because of this fixation, it takes away from the actual message demonstrators are trying to convey. Then they turn around and say BLM is disorganized.

Racists and rogue elements blending in with peaceful protesters is nothing new. That’s how the Dallas Shooter was able to do what he did last week and how the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson happened. Folks used the peaceful protests as a cover to cause chaos and destruction. Just like most blacks do not blame all cops for the actions of the corrupt few, BLM should not be held responsible for those who chose to cause harm or destruction. It’s that simple.

Instead of looking for reasons to ignore the truth right in front of you, you should first be willing to admit to yourself you DON’T know what the movement is about. As this picture says, you don’t need to be black to add your voice to the conversation. If you are an educator or a former/retired educator, I feel you have a moral responsability to join what’s becoming a national conversation. If former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich can come out and say “Most whites can’t understand the African American experience”, that speaks volumes for everyone else in my book.

There is the much larger issue of black on black crimes of course. I have been given the assurance by BLM organizers I have spoken to that this is next on their list of things to target. Right now, the focus is on changing policies around how policing is done in this country. Not against cops but those who write the laws.

I’ll close with this: To reiterate a previous point, those who advocate the murder of cops are dillusional and misguided fools. They should also be investigated by the FBI as well. Killing cops does nothing but ensure the only change is they become even more militarized. The media was smart to drive home this point they overlooked. The Dallas Shooter said he rejected BLM and what they are about. His only interest was killing white cops and talking to people online who felt the same way.

BLM has the correct approach: The only way to force change is to take your voice to policy-makers and the public. Some lawmakers use the “excuse” BLM “doesn’t present any proposals that we can use”. They know how to write laws and were elected to do just that. They need to quit looking for excuses to not do their jobs.




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