Will this week’s acts of violence be the turning point we’ve been waiting for?   Leave a comment

I’ll repeat what I ended my previous blog post with: What needs to happen is for the leaders of Black Lives Matter, families of people killed by law enforcement, the law enforcement community and families of slain law enforcement to come together and have a frank, honest dialogue. I think that is a good starting point to make the change we want to see.

While officers put on their uniform knowing they might not making it back alive, that does not automatically mean they’re expendible just because of the uniform they wear. They deserve to go home to their families at the end of the day just like everyone else. At the same time, I feel we can no longer expect one of the above four groups to “figure it out” on their own. They need to come together. This week’s acts of violence are more of a reason to do so if we want to break the cycle and silence critics of all four groups.


All of the above quote has never been more relevant than what has been a very difficult week for Law Enforcement. The media is doing what it does best and is trying to play law enforcement and Black Lives Matter off each other. In fact, right now they are focusing on the slain shooter trying to find out everything they can about him. “We don’t like talking about him but we’re gonna do it anyway”. Such blatant disrespect toward those the families of the shooter’s victims both living and dead.

As CNN’s Anderson Cooper often says, the more you talk about people who carry out acts of murder, you give them what they wanted: Attention and fame. It also distracts from important conversations that should happen and at the same time disrespects the families of those who were killed. The media doesn’t care about these things so it’s important for the rest of us to step up and speak out.


This tweet I found sums up what the vast majority of Americans truly feel. Corporate Media and Hate Groups make the case the groups can’t work together because they don’t want to. I have seen no evidence to support that idea. I think it’s time we turn words into action and bring about meaningful change most already agree with.

…I won’t talk about the Dallas Shooting anymore but I will revisit the two police-involved shootings that happened in Louisiana and Minnesota. That said, last night’s events are a part of the conversation but the other two shootings are should not be brushed aside like the media is doing now.


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