Free Agent Kevin Durant sign 2-year 54 $Million Contract with the Golden State Warriors   Leave a comment

…After keeping 6 teams waiting, NBA All-Star Kevin Durant announced a bit under an hour ago to a 2-year 54 $Million Contract with the Golden State Warriors. The terms of the contract include a player option after the first year. This more or less guarantees Golden State will be contenders for the NBA Finals next year. The last 48 hours were nerve-wracking for the 6 teams and their fans that were courting him. No doubt it’s a much bigger blow to Oklahoma City fans, who hoped he would resign with the team for a bit longer. The fact that KD decided to leave is pretty indicative of what former Thunder Teammate Russell Westbrook’s plans after next season will be. The Thunder’s remaining superstar will become a free agent after the next season. No doubt other teams will be pulling out all the stop get him.

In regards to the Celtics, they’re still in a much better position than they were 48 hours ago with just the Al Horford signing. They can also still sign another max contract player. The Kevin Durant Sweepstakes may be over but there are still plenty of Free Agents still available that will allow the Celtics to challenge LBJ and the Cavs. Pao Gasol, who’s won a few titles with the Lakers is on their radar. Now that the Bulls have signed Rajon Rondo, it might be much easier for the Celtics to get Jimmy Butler in a trade. There is also DeMarcus Cousins, who the Kings would be happy to drop like a bad habit.

…Anywho, I’m gonna take a break from the Celtics offseason news for a few months. Nothing’s set in stone and I feel all I’ll be doing is speculating like I have been during the KD Sweepstakes. LOL.


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