Breaking News: Free Agent Al Horford agrees to 4-Year Contract with the Boston Celtics   Leave a comment

The news broke about 90 minutes ago and conveniently for the Celtics, during their meeting with Kevin Durant. The 9-year Veteran and 4-time All Star has agreed to a 4-year, $113 Million contract. Things seems to be going the Celtics’ way and two Boston Sports legends have stepped up big time to bring Kevin Durant on board:

Red Sox DH David Ortiz tweeted Durant, urging him to sign with the Celtics. Ortiz was unable to be present for what may be the Celtics’ biggest Free Agent signing in Franchise history due to the Red Sox game in Boston tonight.

This picture of Patriots QB Tom Brady (sunglasses) talking to Danny Ainge on their way to meet with KD is no coincidence. CSN New England reported a short time ago apparently, Brady and Durant were traveling together for the last 24 hours. A picture of the private jet they used was also released along with a two other pictures of Brady separately posting with Jae Crowder and Kelly Olynik next to the jet earlier today. Speaking of Brady, yes he was brought in for the meeting to bring Kevin Durant to Boston. Helps he was in the area!

Also present were some of the Celtics’ owners (one pictured above), Danny Ainge (pictured above), Isaiah Thomas, Celtics Legend Bill Russell, Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart (pictured above), Kelly Olynik (pictured above) and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. As of right now, Durant’s meeting with the Celtics is still ongoing and that is a very good sign for Celtics fans. Durant has already bet with 4 other teams including the Oklahoma City, which may meet with him again on Monday. He is also scheduled to meet with the Miami Heat tomorrow.

…Of course, Horford signing with the Celtics prettymuch destroyed any hope both OKC and Miami had of getting Durant and here’s why: The Heat just signed Hassan Whiteside to a new $70 Million contract yesterday. Miami is also on the verge of losing Dwayne Wade, who began talking to the Knicks and the Bucks yesterday. According to some reports, this time he’s serious about leaving if the Heat don’t return to the negotiating table and resign him.

Horford was a necessary piece for both Miami and OKC to get Durant, who expressed a strong desire to play with his longtime friend. As soon as news of the Celtics/Horford deal broke, Atlanta immediately withdrew Paul Millsap from the trade block. The situation is especially bad for OKC as they were planning to use Durant to bring Horford to the Thunder. What makes it worse for OKCis this: It’s more than likely Kevin Durant learned of the Horford deal DURING his meeting with the Celtics.

The Celtics have one other huge advantage in the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes: They can sign Kevin Durant to a contract without having to move players or assets first. Plus they just locked in Al Horford, who said he passed on Oklahoma City because Durant was not guaranteed. Now the reverse has happened: The Celtics have Horford so it’s just a question of if they can get Kevin Durant on board.

This is a photoshop but just imagine if this becomes reality. Just Horford is believed to make the Celtics a 53-win team. With Durant we’re talking 58+ wins and a guaranteed Eastern Conference Finals appearance next year. The Cavs won’t have an easy trip back to the NBA Finals next year: In addition to Boston, they will also have to contend with Magic, Howard-led Hawks and the Knicks. The Eastern Conference next year is going to be a whole lot more interesting.


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