NBA Free Agency has officially begun; Celtics to meet with Kevin Durant July 2nd   Leave a comment

…Hot off reports Thursday that The NBA’s biggest Free Agent is 90% set on returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder, July 1 marks the first day of Free Agency. Every Unrestricted Free Agent who isn’t already committed to resigning with their current team is up for grabs. In the opening minutes if free agency, news broke Joakim Noah will indeed sign with the New York Knicks and join fellow former Bulls teammate Derrick Rose, which was previously reported.

Getting back to the Celtics’ push to get Kevin Durant, the one player who may be needed to make it a done deal is Al Horford, who has himself expressed a strong interest in meeting with the Celtics. Clearly, Horford knows the Celtics have a good chance of getting KD and wants to make sure they know he doesn’t mind them putting his name down if needed. Right now the focus is getting KD himself to commit to Boston.

At the same time, Al Horford has also been approached by the Thunder for prettymuch the same reason: Getting KD. Another factor KD is probably very privy to is what Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook’s plans are after next year. Weather KD stays or leaves, Westbrook’s plans will definitely be a factor in that decision. OKC wants Horford to guarantee KD’s commitment to return to the Thunder. All that goes out the Window if Horford signs with Boston, which would give KD a good reason to follow suit. This would force OKC to switch focus to convincing Westbrook to resign the following year, which may be harder without KD.

The Celtics have a few Free Agents of their own. Jared Sullinger, Evan Turner and Tyler Zeller are Unrestricted Restricted Free Agents. Sullinger and Zeller are expected to seen a new contract with Boston though reports are not as optimistic in regards to Turner, who has drawn the interest of several teams in the West. Amir Johnson and Jonas Jarebko are both Restricted Free Agents. Weather they stay or not depends on weather the Celtics can get KD and possibly Horford. If they do, Johnson and Jarebko would have to go. We’ll hopefully know more by the end of the weekend on how this plays out.

The Celtics have the cap space to sign two players to a Max Contract, which is more than enough to get KD or anyone else. In short, it’s not a question of money for the Celtics. Another veteran player that has decided to enter Free Agency is Dwight Howard. While his skills are without question, he does have alot of baggage that could both severely impact team chemistry. He left the Magic, Lakers and now the Rockets on bad terms so…yeah. He would be a massive risk no matter where he goes.

…I’ll provide another update on this Sunday or Monday when more info will be known. It’s gonna be an interesting offseason!




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