Developing Story: House Democrats Stage a Sit-In on the floor of Congress   Leave a comment

What can probably be called The NRA’s nightmare scenario has happened: House Democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives in protest of the 53 mostly GOP Senators who voted in opposition of Gun Reform last Friday. Having had enough, Senator and Civil Rights icon John Lewis (Georgia-D) made the call for the sit-in yesterday. The protest began at 11:30AM EST today is still ongoing and in case you’re wondering, dozens of Senators and Representatives decided to join him.

The GOP cut the feed on CSPAN2 but CSPAN1, which normally covers the House of Representatives switched over to cover the protest via a live feed set up by Representatives Beto O’Rourke (Texas-D) and Scott Peters (CA-D). The feed is being streamed live via Facebook. A house aide explained in a tweet a short time ago the cameras are only on when the House is in session. Since that clearly isn’t the case, the cameras were turned off. Even so, we have Rep. O’Rourke amd Peters to thank for the live feed of the protest and CSPAN for picking it up. The video feed isn’t stable as it’s cut out a few times but the feed is still going strong 5 hours in now. CSPAN just announced Bernie Sanders is there and will speak shortly. In addition, Hillary Clinton is in town as well.

…The Dems, like the American people have had enough. They refuse to be on the wrong side of history, especially not on this subject. To those who don’t like this, remember the GOP did the same thing a few years ago out of spite for Obamacare: They refused to pass a budget until they could repeal or defund Obamacare, both of which they failed to do.

The stakes are much more than mere politics with what the Dems are doing: With this course of action, they have declared war on the NRA. They are reminding their GOP counterparts who they ALL represent: They are not there just to represent the NRA’s interests. They are there to represent the will of the American people first and foremost. As one caller said, the NRA is holding Congress hostage. Only Congress has the power to end the hostage situation. Until now, there has been an unwillingness by Congress to openly defy the NRA. That’s exactly what the Dems are doing.

Of course, you wouldn’t know about this if you watch Corporate Media: NONE of them are covering this. They should have cameras covering this in real time and instead, they’re focusing on Donald Trump. Shame on ALL of them. This is unacceptable though unsurprising given Corporate Media has made it clear for some time now that it wants to be on the wrong side of history.

Once again, Social Media does what Corporate Media won’t: Give the masses the truth. The protest is approaching Hour 6 but you wouldn’t know that if you watch CNN, Fox News or MSNBC.


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