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…The media is either ignoring this or hasn’t picked it up yet. I was browsing Craigslist just now when I came upon this ad in one of the Personals categories:

To The Flagger whom Thinks They Are GOD – mm4ww (FLORIDA)

Pathetic Uneducated Slobs who Cannot control their Pathetic Lives

Dear Flagger, It Has Come to our Unfortunate Attention that YOU, Who cannot Control Your Pathetic Life, and Feel That NO One Has A Right to Free Speach, where you Must Be In Control of Others Lives. We are Anonymous, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget. We are Many yet we are One. We are The Embodiment of Humanity with No Caring, No Love, Lack of Morality and No Remorse. We Mock those who, Like You, Who are Uneducated and Less Fortunate SIMPLY BECAUSE we Can. You are Nothing but Worthless Piles of Decay, Who Think they can Control Every One Elses Life, and Always Give Themselves a Gold Star, and Pat their own Backs, Because NO One Cares About You. You Hide Behind a Computer Screen, and Glued to These Lists, Like Vepid Rot, with Nonhing Better to Do, than Be Jealous of Others, Who Don’t know you, and NEVER Will! YOU MUST ALWAYS FEEL in the Need To Interfer in Everyone Elses Life, because You Hate Your Own Pathetic Lives. This is Not Preschool, where you Need your Filthy Hands Held because of What Freedom of Speech is All About, What would you Do, when Your 16yo Daughter comes Home Pregnant, with Her 28yo BF? What would You be When The Waiter Spills Wine on You, Or, Your Mother Cannot Stomach You because of Your ***hole Ignorance? We are The Face of Chaos and The Harbingers of Judgement. We are Everywhere, Yet we Are Nowhere. You Think You Can control Everyone else, To make Your Dull, Seemingly Arrogant Selflessness is Not Worth a Penny and costs More to Every Worthless Hour you are Alive, We Are Legion, we have Been Monitoring ALL Craigslist Postings, and Have Traced Each One as a Direct Abomination of Freedom of Speech, a Hate Crime and in So Doing, will Be Dealt With Accordingly. A Binary Star System Is Approaching and is What is Known as the Destroyer Star / Nibiru System / Or in the Book as The Star Wormwood. Your Computer’s Have Now Been Selected to receive a Vital Blow to Your Disgusting State of Being. Nothing More than a Mouse, who is Ravaged with Plague. Your Computer and Cellular Devices will be Targeted for Destruction. As This Star System Nears, You will be Without Communication of Any kind or Type. Now, You Will know How Others Feel, when Their Freedoms are Depicted as Your Own to Control. The Only Communication you Will Have is Your 3rd Grade Education, and Selflfish Desire to Hold Control over Everything but your own Mind.Those of You whom Continually Police others While America’s Freedoms Are Being Taken Away by The Very Elect, Who Promised Protection that You Vote within, When Each Vote, is a Meaningless Waste of Time, as Each “Election” is Nothing More than a “Selection” by The Republican (Reptilian Elite) & The Democratic (Demonic) Political Scum, that Sell out America because of the Like of You, Have Nothing to Offer, but The Ignorance of a Tse Tse Fly, But, Rather Than Assisting Others Toward Peace, would Rather, Display their Ignorant, Snot Filled Faces with GMO Products and Slober over a Bingo Sheet, Instead, of Droll, Eaters of Lies whom Gather Together to create a Need for Government and Sold out Your Rights. The Dumb, like Yourselves, Who Vote, Like You Have Just Come From, or Work at MART*Law. You act Like Your Life is So Important, Yet You Appear as Some Whore getting F***ed in The Back Alley, While Drinking Your Daddys Everclear, and Playing with a Pipe Bomb in your Hemorrhoid Filled Mouths as Your Birth Rite. Are Nothing More than a Kindergarten coloring book Full of Worthlessness. We Are Coming, and, Your Disgrace, is Nothing More than Uneducated, Dumbed Down Stale Control as your Importantce Within Society is Measured Against a Deceased Alzhiemers Patient with a Stroke. A Jet Airliner Crashes, Killing All on Board, We Laugh, A Grown Pathetic Man takes His Anger out on a Cat, We Laugh, Hundreds Die in an Earthquake, We Laugh. We Are Protecting citizens Of Their Rights, From the Nazis whom you Are. Visions of Hell Await All Who Play GOD, robbing Those With the Same, Illalienable Rights, to the Same Rights of those Expecting Control over Others, as Acts of Hatred and Against the Constitutional Rights the United States. Expect Us! We are The End Gamers, Who Ruin Other People’s lives, Just Because We Can. We Only Have Desire for More and More, And, Now, Quite Simply, YOU HAVE GOT OUR ATTENTION!



I’m considering forwarding this to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who has a Facebook presence. He’s kept away from the site that bears his name since 2000 but given Anonymous has marked its next target…actually scratch that. He’ll find out soon enough.

More importantly, note the part I bolded. Looking at the format, it’s easy to dismiss this as gibberish. I’ve seen Anonymous’ calling card enough times to know this isn’t an idle threat. This is a warning and a promise of what’s to come very soon to everyone who uses Craigslist. Anonymous always gives those smart enough to pay attention time to get the hell out of the way.

Presumably everyone with an active CL Account will have their account(s) compromised and their info stolen and/or made public. I am not personally concerned given the email address connected to my Craigslist Account is one I set up only for Craigslist. It is not connected to any of my other online accounts in any way. I also haven’t used CL for more than a few months (I made the account in late January) and very infrequently at that. That said, I will not use CL after this week until September to be on the safe side.
This brings us to the big question: “Why is Anonymous targeting CraigsList?” I outlined the big reasons in my blog about the site last month and I’m honestly hoping that caught their attention. CraigsList’s sins are great and many. They are getting their reward as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to the fallout from this. CraigsList prides itself on the site being strictly community policed: There is no oversight from the admins. There actually are thousands of people who literally do nothing but flag ads just because they can. In every city. This is a guess on my part but this is who Anonymous’ message is directed at but I’m simply taking some additional precautions.

Anonymous will remind America that they’re still here when they take down CL. THAT is why they chose CL specifically: It’s a very high-profile site that’s become notorious for its unmonitored and unregulated ad posting system and more specifically, the Personals section. I touched on this in my previous blog post on the subject but folks post Personal ads on CL with unrealistic expectations. It’s become nothing but a place for people to find someone to have sex with. Those are the only Personal ads that have any hope of being responded to.

From what I’ve heard from longtime CL users, it wasn’t always that way. Clearly the CL Community wants it the way it is now so…yeah. Like I said before, the CL Community will be rewarded accordingly by Anonymous.


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