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This has the assumption I won the lottery in mind but I’m doing this in general.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: A man only needs so much money to live on. The rest is just for showing off.

Let’s say I win a payout of 300 Million (WOOT!). After taxes, that’s about $245 Million. Fortunately, I already have a list of things I’d buy if I had more money than I’d ever need in my lifetime. I considered omitting some of what I’m about to share but since it’s my hypothetical money, I won’t hold back.


First, what I’d spend on myself:


This house:


Located in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood, it would be the first purchase I make. Asking price: $429,000. I considered not sharing the Real Estate web page but since it’s currently on the market, I figure why not. You would also obviously need to be well off to consider buying this house. I reccommend going to the website to see the house’s interior and backyard. And yes, this is a single-family home.

It’s not far from where I currently live. It’s also closer to Cleary Square for those with Google Earth/Maps handy. My polling station is at the nearby high school to boot so it’s win-win. After buying it, I would pay off the mortage for the next few decades–easily past the end of the average human lifespan–to ensure whoever gets the house after me lives rent-free for a long time. I would then spend about $4 Million furnishing the interior and another $2 Million on the exterior.

A few things I’d have done with the exterior include:

  • Solar panels on the roof
  • State of the air conditioning + heating
  • Mature fruit trees planted–Apple, Pear and Peach
  • 12-foot fencing along the perimeter of the property.
  • State of the art security system.

Before I forget, I don’t have a driver’s license so that means I don’t need to buy a car =D



I will deposit $5 Million into my Paypal Account. This will allow me to maintain all my subscription services including Netflix, Crunchyroll and WWE Network for the rest of my life. I would also obviously be able to play World of Warcraft and buy every game on Steam for the rest of my life if I wanted to. Plus alot of other stuff obviously.




I’d buy this island from the city of Boston. It would remain open to the public but I would develop the visitor center a little bit and add a heliport in the middle of the island. Given Spectacle Island was once a landfiill AND could often seen burning from the shore, it’s come a long way. The Visitor Center would be expanded and made into a 4-story building with a food court, toiletries and some lodging. Construction would be done in ways that wouldn’t severely disrupt the island’s ecosystem.




…I have a weakness for Rest Stops/Areas. Anyone who’s ever traveled cross-country by road has probably stopped at one even if to just for a quick toilet break. I would have five built in Massachusetts: One in Western MA, one in Central MA, one on the Cape and two in the Greater Boston Area: I would put one in Hyde Park (because why not?) and the other in Milton. They would both be non-invasive to both residents and wildlife while providing a service for both locals and those passing through. I’d invest $50 Million into this–$10 Million per Rest Area.

I’d put in $25 Million to have as many vacant retail locations around Boston filled ASAP. I would pay to have Best Buy or Barnes & Noble set up shop in a vacant building near my house on that note. The upside is as the landower, that’s more income for me ^_^


I’d invest $100 Million to have four container ships converted into floating hospitals. I’d then donate each of them to the four most known hospitals in Boston: Mass General, Boston Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital.

..By this point, I’d have about $61 Million left over. Subtracting the $11 Million I mentioned at the top for housing and PayPal, I’d have $40 Million left to play with. I’ll take off another $5 Million with which to live off of and give $20 Million to my family to figure out with the stipulation not a cent of it is to be donated to charity. This leaves $15 Million for me to use up.

Let’s see…


City Year gets $10 Million, four of which is toward the startup of 4 new sites across the country (The startup cost actually is $1 Million for a new site somewhere in the US).

…So now I’m down to my last $5 Million. I will give it to 25 people in Boston who fit in one of the following 5 groups:

  1. Young person who is trying to stay out of trouble
  2. Family in need of a bigger home
  3. Student who has difficulty fitting in at high school
  4. Family has a child with medical bills/needs
  5. Local business owner

Each person would get $100,000. To be eligable, you must be a resident of Boston. This will be verified before the check is given to you.  I will have sole discretion of who gets 100 Grand. What you do with it afterward is none of my business. Just don’t spend it all in one place 😄

…To certain members of my Facebook friends and family, I didn’t forget about you: I expect alot of money to be left over from my real estate and shipbuilding ventures. You’ll get some of that money (WOOT!). So, if I ever suddenly find myself with a couple hundred million in cash, now you know what I’d do with it. Of course, there’s a few other things I’d do that I didn’t mention at all but that’s nothing worth sharing. LOL.





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