There may be a silver lining to the Mass Shooting in Orlando   Leave a comment

…To answer the question the sign asks, yes as far as Congress cares. I’m not gonna go over the same stuff I talked about during every mass shooting and act of terrorism I covered since I made this blog 4 years ago. I don’t see the need at this point. You already know this topped New Town as the worst Mass Shooting on US Soil with 50 dead and another 53 wounded. You already know the shooter reportedly professed his alligiance to ISIS ninebts before carrying out mass murder and eventually dying in a shootout with police. After all, this is what Corporate Media is focusing on like they always do. Not the larger issue.

Instead, I’ll focus on the REAL issue Corporate Media is dancing around: That this is a hate crime more than it was an act of terrorism. The fact is ALOT of people in this country are actually happy to know 103 people were gunned down. Corporate Media’s gonna focus on the terrorism aspect but the Hate aspect is the REAL issue. Last week, a family member turned to me to vent their anger at the rainbow flags we drove past in town. “Why do they forcing their lifestyle on us?” This person asked asked me. “Why do have to have their flags out for everyone to see?” The family member knew I wasn’t anti-LGBT like they were so I didn’t waste my time acknowledging their questions. I knew it was a trick question so I changed the subject on the spot.

This incident has put the whole country on pause. Those who consider themselves allies of the LGBT Community need to take a more visible stance of support. Not just celebrities and public figures but friends, colleagues and classmates. The LGBT Community has been fighting a war by themselves for far too long. A war for the right to be treated as humans. The fact of the matter is this is far from the case in America.$large.jpg

…The media’s narrative is to focus on the terrorism aspect of the incident. The Hate aspect is far more important given certain facts that have been revealed since Sunday. We need to stop falling for Corporate Media’s misdirection tactics and actually do something as a country. The NRA is counting on us getting distracted long enough to not treaten their interests again. We need to prove them wrong for once. Until we do, expect the mass shootings to keep happening.


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