One sentence from Bernie Sanders sends his supporters on Social Media into panic mode   2 comments

“I look forward to meeting with (Clinton) in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%.”

Note the part I highlighted. THIS is the part that has enraged Bernie supporters across social media. This was at the end of statements the US Senator and Democratic candidate made during a press conference Thursday afternoon after meeting with President Obama. About an hour later, President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee.

The last 72 hours have led to some soul searching for Sanders supporters. Most are digging in the heels, refusing to acknowledge the very real possbaility Hillary Clinton could officially become the Democratic Nominee on July 25. That is when the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia happens. Some have decided to back Clinton albiet reluctantly. Many have been calling on the Sanders Campaign and their supporters to run as a third party candidate. In fact, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein stated Tuesday she will step aside if Sanders agrees run as the Green Party’s nominee.

As of right now, Clinton has most of the delegates she will need to clinch the Democratic nomination. Notice I said “most” and not “enough”: Bernie Sanders has not officially dropped out of the race even though the Democratic frontrunner has all but secured the nomination. I’m not dancing around my words here: UNLESS Sanders drops out–which has no plans of doing yet–Hillary Clinton will have to wait until the DNC.


This quote is for Sanders’ supporters specifically: Look at the second and third sentences in this quote. He never promised with certainty he will win the nomination. He only said that he will fight to the end. We all knew from the beginning The Establishment would do everything they could think of to ensure Hillary Clinton won the nomination. Everything that happened over the last 12 months should surprise no one. We knew it would not be easy, especially given what we were campaigning for.

Bernie Sanders did what he set out to do: He started a movement in America. He did what he didn’t have to and became the Democratic party’s moral compass. He was able to do what he was unable to do as an Independent: Speak to the American people about what is wrong with this country and what they can do to fix it. He did not preach learned helplessness like so many candidates like to do. He spoke the truth and he directed his venom at all the right places.

I’ve been following the campaign via Facebook since Bernie Sanders declared last year. I’ve never been more disappointed and disgusted with the whining than I have this week from self-professed Sanders supporters. Not the handful who know how to read the tea leaves. I’m talking about the outspoken ones acting like they just lost their jobs or a family member. I’m going to cut my ties with the remaining Pro-Sanders groups since it’s obvious his campaign may be ending as soon as next month. It’s mostly because I’ve had it with the negativity from the groups though.

To those who have been backing Hillary Clinton all this time, there is wisdom in him waiting until July to decide if he will concede or not: Votes are still being counted. Based on the latest numbers, Sanders WILL win California after all. Sanders supporters are not going to like this but there is an old saying: “Democracy means not necessarily getting everything you want when you want it and compromising to get what you can.” Look, I was beyond shocked US Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday evening given her talking points were more in like with Sanders’ platform. I may not like her decision but I have accepted it. I know there is a method to the madness.

Even so, I am of the mindset cooler heads need to prevail. Are most Republicans happy with Donald Trump as the nominee? Absolutely not. As many of you know, some of them have switched to Democrat or Independent in defiance of the GOP. That said, there is WAY too much anger right now and you’re only embarassing yourselves. Take a few days to really process things before making any decisions.

Before I get into what I may do, here are the three courses Bernie Sanders could take between today and the end of the DNC:

  1. Concede to Hillary Clinton and endorse her as the Democratic nominee.
  2. Wait until the DNC to find out if he has enough Delegates to secure the nomination. If he does, he will become the Democratic nominee.
  3. Wait until the DNC to find out if he has enough Delegates to secure the nomination. If he doesn’t, he will concede to HRC and endorse her as the Democratic nominee.

…Notice what I did not say. I DID NOT say Bernie Sanders could run as a third party candidate. Like it or not, he said he won’t. Everyone saying he should is riding on him going back on his word, which isn’t something he’s known for. If he does go back on his word–even just to stick it to the Democratic Party–WE lose. Remember: He could still a US Senator pending the end of the election.

I think it’s almost a given he will have a spot in Clinton’s cabinet if not VP. Trust me, she won’t want him to resume his role as a senator after the election. Many outside Vermont might not know this but folks are campaigning in that state to fill his pesumed vacancy. It’s in our best interests to ensure he has an influential role in the Clinton Administration should he not get the nomination.

There is also the fact HRC has a federal indictment waiting for her. Assuming she goes to trial–we can count on the Republicans to ensure this happens by the way–and assuming Bernie is VP, he will automatically become the 46th President. In the end, we still win. HRC Supporters, yes there is plenty of substantial evidence to indict her. Everyone is just patiently waiting until the next president is decided. It is in OUR best interests that Bernie Sanders is named Clinton’s VP and Clinton/Sanders wins the election.

Bernie Sanders started a revolution. It’s on us to continue the work he started. I want to tell my fellow Sanders supporters is doesn’t end with whoever the 45th President is. That was our mistake in 2008: Once Obama won the White House, we allowed the Republicans to seize contol of both Houses of Congress. We all saw what happened as a result of that: Obama had vision but lacked the support in Congress to get much done. We need to ensure that isn’t repeated this time.

Here’s the worst-kept secret Corporate Media will start talking about after November 15: Most of Congress is up for re-election in 2018. What we need to start doing NOW is finding candidates at the state and local levels to elect to Congress.

That’s what I plan to do in Massachusetts. In regards to the Presidential Election, here’s what I plan to do: Support Bernie Sanders.

Unlike apparently most of my fellow Sanders supporters, I understand the term “America’s democracy is a hot mess” is both ways: We may not get everything we want so we need to focus on getting what we can. If Sanders concedes his campaign and endorses Hillary Clinton, I will support his decision. I may not like it but I will be ok with it. I trust his judgment. You don’t need to like it as long as you trust it and THAT is how I am choosing to look at this. We know things the HRC Supporters aren’t hip to and that’s fine.

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the White House, we need him to have a key role in the Clinton administration.  We all know this is the only way the Dems have a chance of beating Donald Trump. HRC needs Sanders to win period: She is under immense pressure from the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Publications to name Sanders her VP (Sanders is Jewish for those who are not aware). We know from the last 12 months nothing is off the table as far as she’s concerned. We need to adopt the same mindset. Don’t twist my words to mean I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. I’m simply looking ahead at the moves I know will be made in the weeks to come leading up to and during the DNC.

We’ve won the war. We opened the eyes of our fellow Americans to just how corrupt our government truly is. It is now ON US to take action to change it for the better. For the change we want, we need to switch targets from the White House to Congress. We CANNOT afford to have a repeat of the last 8 years. This will happen if we do not move NOW to change Congress. The GOP moved swiftly to ensure Obama couldn’t get much done as soon as he clinched the election. Now it’s our turn.

I’ll close with this. It truly is disappointing the movement has CLEARLY fallen apart over the course of this week. Most of you are inconsolable and have given in to despair. Sorry, but I’ve reached my limit in terms of how much of it I’m willing to tolerate in my Facebook feed any longer. Consider this my last post in the Bernie groups I’m a member of: I’m done with you guys.

Some of you need to grow up and some of you need to relax. ALL of you need to remember what I said earlier: Weather we get the White House or not, we need to make sure we take back Congress. THAT is the BEST way we will be able to correct the course of this country. Winning the White House will mean NOTHING if we don’t bring change the Congress, too. As all of you decide on what you will do from here, remember that the movement is far from over regardless of who wins the White House. It’s on US to continue the work Bernie Sanders started.



2 responses to “One sentence from Bernie Sanders sends his supporters on Social Media into panic mode

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  1. The simple answer, as you’ve alluded to, is: – Do you trust Bernie Sanders. If you don’t, then you were never really a supporter – you only thought you were. The guy has been in office since 1981 – we know his record. He’ll do the right thing, just like he’s been doing for the last 37 years.

    • …Exactly.

      If these last few weeks were enough to break you, you were never a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Being there means being there for the low times as well as the high times.

      The reactions I’ve been seeing clearly indicates a lack of trust in Bernie Sanders as a whole: People are blocking and unfollowing people whose viewpoints on this matter differ from theirs. Reminds me too much of the GOP to want anything more to do with people like that. As I said, folks are allowing their feelings to dictate their actions.

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