Cavs and Warriors punch their tickets to the NBA Finals; Kevin Durant recruitment has begun   Leave a comment

Much to the surprise of no one, we will have a repeat of last year’s NBA Finals. This time, LBJ will have the help of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. I look forward to hearing what excuses the pundits will make for him should the Cavs fail to win the championship.

That said, I expect Golden State to win in 6 games. I wouldn’t have been convinced if they didn’t push OKC to 7 games, much to the surprise of everyone. The Warriors are 4 wins away from completing their historic season. One thing I will agree with the experts on is Golden State’s record breaking 73-win Season means nothing without a title to go with it. They proved to me in the West Finals they have what it takes to beat the Cavs in the Finals again.

The question to be asked, again: What will LBJ’s excuse be if the Cavs fail to spoil the Warriors?

The more important bit of news everyone has been talking about is who will Kevin Durant play for next year IF he decides not to resign with OKC. It does without saying he is the hottest free agent on the market and only a handful of teams have the money to sign him.

These are the teams that have expressed an interest in him so far:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • LA Lakers
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Washington Wizards
  • New York Knicks
  • Miami Heat
  • Boston Celtics
  • LA Clippers
  • Oklahoma City Thunder

…On this one, I agree with the experts: It doesn’t make sense for him to sign with another Western Conference team because of the conpetition from the Warriors, Rockets, Lakers, Spurs, Clippers and what would then be his former team, the Thunder. That’s 6 teams he would have to contend with if he stayed in the West.

Although he is from the DC area, it’s very unlikely he would sign with the Wizards since they are not a playoff-ready team. It’s also unlikely he would sign with the Knicks for the same reason. That leaves the Celtics and the Heat, both of which can contend with LBJ and the Cavs as they are now.

Signing with either team ensures an East Finals appearance next year. He has an added incentive to sign with the Celtics: They are looking to get Jimmy Bulter, Marc Gasol or Joakim Noah from the Bulls in preparation for bringing him to Boston. Should this happen, KD will have all the more reason to sign with the Celtics.

…Of course, this is assuming KD doesn’t stay in OKC. As it happens, Russell Westbrook will become a free agent after the next season but that’s a topic for this time next year ^_^

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