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…Thanks to their win Tuesday night, the Thunder is one win away from the NBA Finals. They could punch their ticket to the Finals if they can complete the upset and close out the Warriors this Thursday on the road. The irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone: Every series, no one gave OKC any respect. Experts said they would beat Dallas. They won in 5 games. Experts said San Antonio would beat them in 6. They beat the Spurs in 6 games instead. Now they are on the verge of denying the record-breaking Warriors a shot at repeating as NBA Champions.

It would be the ultimate irony if they manage to complete the upset on the Warriors’ home floor. The experts are still giving the Warriors way too much credit given in the two games they just lost back to back, they were prettymuch blown out. They split the first two games in Oakland for the same reason: They never took OKC seriously. In fact, they severely underestimated Russell Westbrook, who prettymuch took over Games 3 and 4. If I were Steph Curry, I would hand the MVP trophy to Westbrook if the Warriors lose Game 5. LOL.

It goes without saying OKC prettymuch won this series. They won’t lose 3 in a row and certainly not Game 6 at home should it be necessary. The more interesting question to be asked is how they effects Kevin Durant regardless of the Finals outcome. If the Thunder win the Championship, it could go either way. He’ll certainly be advised to re-sign either way. It would certainly be unprecidented if KD decides to leave after winning but if he does, whoever’s interested should be prepared to pay him ALOT more than originally planned. Realistically, only the Celtics could afford him. Hint, hint.

The series is now split 2 games apiece. The question folks outside Canada refuse to ask is can the Raptors actually pull off the biggest upset and beat the Cavs? That will be answered only if Toronto can beat the Cavs in Cleveland. The Cavs have homecourt advantage: As long as they win Game 5, they can lose Game 6 and still win the series with Game 6.

Whoever wins Game 5 wins the series. The pressure is on LBJ to bring a championship to the Cavs. I still see them getting to the NBA Finals IF they win Game 5 tonight. If they face OKC, which is pretty likely it could go either way. if the Raptors upset the Cavs, they’ll lose to the Thunder in the NBA Finals.

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