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I considered making this a video but decided against it after thinking about it. I felt it would be easier for me to make adjustments as needed by putting this is text form. Well, that and honestly I don’t think it merits that kind of effort from me. It’s not worth doing a video on this to me.

A short time ago, I read a message a high-profile Seventh Day Adventist pastor I respect posted on Facebook. He voiced his opposition to the decision of Target and serveral other companies that stated Transgender customers and employees can use the restroom of the gender they identify as. Like others opposed to this idea, he referenced simple biology to support his viewpoint.

I’ll put it this way: The Federal Government will not and should not get involved in what’s become “The Bathroom Controversy”. The Obama Administration released guidelines a few weeks ago to advise public schools on how to provide safe bathroom access to transgender students. Kids regardless of gender identity deserve to feel safe at school. After an experience I had recently, this is something I feel very strongly about.

This was an issue a school I worked in faced. Without breaking confidentiality, there was a student at the school who changed their gender identity from female to male between grades. When they came back to school in the fall, “she” became “he”. It was new ground not just for the school but me, my classroom partner and the class itself. Things got a bit more dicey when the student made the decision to share the fact that they are transgender with the class a few months into the school year.

It was a mixed grade class and the students were not at the ages where they would be able to fully understand what transgender means, more so given some of them knew the student before their transition. It also didn’t help it was a new experience for both me and my teachering partner, who were working together for the first time and combined had only been working at the school for 2 and a half years. Neither of us were adequately prepared or trained to make the class a safe space for our transgender student. Without going into specifics, alot of things happened that March and April with the class, me and my colleague. It was a hot mess in short. I post this knowing one of the parents of the student I am talking about might see this and I want to respect their privacy and just leave it at that. Besides, I’ve said enough for those who know about that year to know anyway so no more needs to be said.

Now, those who are against allowing those who are transgender from using the bathrooms they identify as are against it for reasons that are not their concern. They say “men” will use it as a free pass to go in women’s/girl’s bathrooms. The funny thing is already there have been reports of straight men trying to follow women into women’s bathroom “just to check”. The irony. Funny thing is you don’t hear about the reverse: transgender men (born women) being hassled in the same way. It’s totally one-sided.

Folks need to be practical: When you need to use the toilet, you don’t think about anything else. What’s likely to happen very soon are bathrooms for multiple people will be re-designed and reinforced so that they’re out-house style: Each stall is completely separate from the ones next to them and can’t be opened from the outside or seen into from outside or the stalls next to them. This would be a more than fair compromise in my book.

Getting back to the main topic, I consider myself a friend and ally of the LGBT Community. My reasons for taking this position are very personal to me. Most of those who consider themselves anti-LGBT have either never befriended someone who is LGBT or are just “doing as told”. The rest are either ignorant or are just Xenophobes in general. Those who are anti-LGBT “on religious grounds” are cherry-picking The Bible weather they want to admit to it or not. The problem we have with what Fox News is calling “The attack on Christianity” are in fact people who are TRYING to use the Bible to discriminate against people.

Check this out: 60 years ago, people used the Bible (and Jim Crow) as grounds to deny ALL Americans the Right to Vote. Speaking of, the landmark voting rights bill is being challenged and they key part of it has in fact been overturned. Which part? The part that specifically states “All Persons born in the United States and its Territories shall be granted the right to vote”. The reason? The Illegal Immigration “issue”. Yes, racists and biggots actuallt changed the Voting Rights Bill just so they could deny everyone in America the right to vote. I’ll talk about THIS part more in a video.

Moving on: While I still respect the pastor I referenced at the top, this is a subject I will not move on. EVER. Religous extremists are doing the same thing racists have been doing for much longer: They’re blaming demographics they don’t like for “what’s wrong in this country. “God is punishing this country for accepting <insert anti-LGBT slur here>!” It always is ironic to me a group of people that claim piety use the most vulcar words to describe people whose “Lifestyle” they disagree with. The truth of the matter is, they’re hiding behind their obviously weak faith to be biggots.

To those who disagree with my viewpoint, I’ll put it this way: If it’s a problem to God, I’ll leave it to him to deal with when he’s good and ready. We have no business trying to fix it” when you think about it, don’t we? It’s when you take it upon yourselves to “do God’s work” and go out of your way tell people “you’re gonna burn in hell” if they don’t “repent and change their ways” that you do the exact opposite of God’s will.

…Fellow Christians, read the Four Gospels. Jesus’ whole ministry was about meeting people where they are and meeting their needs. He was hated by those in power in part because he hung out with “The unworthy” (The poor), “The enemy” (Tax Collectors–one of his disciples was one) and most brazenly challenged them to practice what they preached. That’s when they started plotting his death. Yeah it was foretold but as the saying goes, what lies in darkness must eventually come to light.

The landmark Supreme Court ruling in support of Gay Marriage was not “The end of America as we know it” as many Christians said it would be. It has been nearly a year since the decision was announced. Last I checked, there haven’t been armies of gay couples lining up to get married at churches. They know they are not…”welcome” at 95% of churches in America. LOL.

You can also be sure laws will be passed to protect business owners from violating this ruling on religious grounds. That Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses? Her “religious liberties” weren’t being violated. She simply refused to do her job is all. LOL. The good that comes out of that is like I just said,  adjustments will be made to protect people from punishment on religious grounds.

Anyways, that’s my take on things. I saved the above picture for last on purpose because too many people really don’t know America is NOT a Christian Nation. Christianity is not the official religion and Christians should be thankful for that. Freedom of Religion works BOTH WAYS, not just YOUR way: Those who practice a different faith or no faith have same protections as you do. Try to keep that in mind like or not.

2 responses to “Never thought I’d be in this position for the second time in 12 years

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  1. Also glad you didn’t make it a video. I never bother watching those. The low resolution, non-professional lighting, editing etc. always make it look like “talking head” rants by conspiracy theorists.

    • Depends on how it’s done, really. I uploaded my 70th video overnight to YouTube. It’s about an hour long, most of which is me talking.

      I have a decient webcam and only record when the lighting is good enough for it.

      To each their own I guess XD

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