Voter Suppression is Real. And It’s Happening Now   Leave a comment

…Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you believe everything Corporate Media says.

I eased up on the politically charged posts and moved the conversation to Facebook for the last few months. A comment someone made in late March moved me to do some digging around. The comment was to the effect “Every state that has had ‘election problems’ during the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton won.” After doing some looking around, it turns out this was–is–indeed the case. One state having problems would be easy to dismiss, but seven? Ballots being tossed out, registered voters having their party affiliations changed, electronic voting machines malfunctioning, votes being changed or conveniently going missing. Not just once but again and again. Voter Suppression 101.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy FACT.

People with deep pockets are rigging this election to ensure Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President. I believe I said something to this effect last summer: Trump is a Red Herring. His role is to keep everyone’s attention away from the remaining Republican candidates (Cruz and Kasich if I remember right). He’s an attention whore so it’s not hard given he’s being paid to say the things he says. Contrary to what the media, pundits and the DNC have been saying, he is NOT a racist or a xenophobe. He’s simply following orders and is being paid alot of money to literally say whatever he wants. Why? To make Hillary Clinton electable. That’s the ultimate plan. It’s so obvious and so sad folks don’t see it, it’s funny.

The media is going out of its way to not mention her dirty laundry: Benghazi, the emails, the Panama Papers and her role in alot of things that are detrimental to the American people and America’s standing with the international community.

…I’ve thrown up two George Orwell quotes now. I bought a copy of the book 1984 about 10 years ago but never read it. I know the basic premise of the story though and THAT is why I haven’t tried reading it: The real-world parellels that are happening NOW.

Folks need to stop watching Corporate Media and educate themselves on political candidates. The media wants everyone who is anti-Trump or anti-GOP to believe they have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the only transparent candidate and the media is hoping that by ignoring him for almost a year now, he’ll “go away”. Yeah, no. Since thay clearly hasn’t been working at all, they’ve turned their attention to slandering his supporters. HRC is simply following their lead. Shame on ALL of them.

I’m not just saying this because I’m voting for Bernie Sanders even as a write-in if necessary. I’m not just saying it because HRC is literally stealing the election. I’m not just saying it because the silent majority refuse to do anything about it. I’m saying it because it’s the truth. It’s a fact that is being ignored and worse. The act itself, if not corrected is guaranteed to have devastating consequences for this country: The world has made it clear it will NOT accept Trump as President. America needs to make it clear it will NOT accept HRC as President.



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