The Aurabolt as Mayor of Boston? It Could Happen.   Leave a comment

I’ve talked about this with friends and coworkers over the years but never really took the time to explain in detail.

Until Now.

Now let’s just jump right into it:

  • In my opinion, the biggest problem facing the City of Boston is the lack of affordable housing. Building more housing alone isn’t going to solve the problem. If the current Mayor and former State Representative won’t stand up to the slum lords who block every attempt to bring back rent control at the State House, I will.
  • The second and third-biggest problems facing the City of Boston is the need for new employment opportunities and the large numbers of empty storefronts in every Boston Neighborhood. As Mayor, I would make Boston a hub for small businesses and larger businesses that can operate in small to moderately-sized spaces (Gamestop, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Solve one problem and the other will be solved at the same time.
  • Being a product of Boston Public Schools and having later worked in Boston three schools over the course of 10 years, I know what things look like on the front lines. I use that term because Teachers are constantly fighting for the rights of their students’ right to a quality education while at the same time fighting with the Depeartment of Education over what’s best for the students they know best. I would give teachers the freedom to teach our students what’s best for them, not what some for-profit test-making companies think they should judged with.
  • Going with the above: Charter Schools would be held to the same level of accountability the other district schools are. If they don’t comply, they will be harshly penalized or forced to close. That said, I would fight to keep the curent cap on Charter Schools.
  • While we’re still on the subject of Education: There’s no reason college students should leave school in debt. Since Boston is a college town, I would give our local colleges and universities incentives to give Boston Residents and BPS Graduates with college aspirations reduced tuition rates. Boston is home to some of the best colleges in the country–Boston College, Emerson, Boston University and MassArt to name a few–it’s shameful Boston residents are being forced to look elsewhere for secondary education due to tuition costs alone. “Free” tuition at a community college for two years with strings attached just adds injury to insult.
  • The Boston Harbor Islands are generally dismissed as nothing more than a tourist attraction. What many Boston residents don’t know is they are not only a part of the city but they are open to the public. To help with this, I would make access to the harbor islands free for two weeks every year: A week in July and a week in August. In addition, those with a Charlie Card can ride the ferries to one of the harbor islands with up to two others for free year round.
  • I would not put the people of Boston on the hook to pay for an expensive short-term event that would do much more harm than good. I would also push back hard against organizations that try to dictate their terms to the City of Boston.

This is just a few of the things I would do.

Honestly, I feel obligated to do this given I voted for Martin J. Walsh. He’s been a disappointment since his predecessor died. His loyalties to the corporate world have been pretty obvious as well. The only reason Boston was not put further into debt is because of grassroots efforts. If not for the massive publicity, Boston might have been the U.S. city chosen for the Olympics. Both the governor AND the mayor was clearly prepared to write a blank check to the International Olympic Committee but the people of Boston aren’t stupid. No Boston Olympics deserves much of the credit but the debt from The Big Dig we’re STILL being forced to pay for because of corrupt politicians is fresh in the minds of too many people.

Let’s not also forget the city slashing BPS’ budget through 2024…and then giving a $226 Million Tax break to GE for moving their corporate headquarters to the Seaport District. What’s worse is both announcements were made a few weeks apart. It’s not hard to see the connection between the two things. Blasphemy to say the least.

…I am not running this year and probably not next year, either. When I do decide to run, I will break the news on this blog.

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