I’m getting close to 10 unfinished blog drafts   Leave a comment

On this blog alone that is. It comes with having 6 blogs. The oldest I started around this time last year believe it or not. Right now the total count is at 8 and it will likely grow in the weeks to come. Mostly because the posts I’m making on this blog have been getting longer and longer.

For those seeing this blog for the first time, here are the topics this blog post mostly covers:

  • Politics: Honestly I’ve decided to scale down talking about this as much as I’m done with the dogma being fed to the masses by Corporate Media: I’m voting for Bernie Sanders and there is nothing any of the paid opinions can say or do to make me do otherwise even if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. Later this year, I’ll lay out in detail why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton even if she succeeds in buying the nomination, which is exactly what’s she’s doing. Among other things.
  • Anime Boston: While I have separate blogs for Anime and Video Games, I recap the weekend on this blog. That said, my recap of AB2016 is one of the unfinished blog posts I’m working on. By the way, Anime is a medium and not a genre. Same for Manga, which is a Japanese publication like a book or magazine. Anime is Japanese for Animation.
  • Stuff I’m Doing: I haven’t really touched on this lately because I have alot of things going on right now, some of which I’ve touched on in past blog posts already. Once things have stabilized a bit–hopefully by this time next year–I will have most posts of this nature.
  • Random Fun Stuff: This is something I have been trying to do more of especially in light of the things I’m dealing with in my personal life. I mean across ALL my blogs but this one especially.
  • Movie and TV Reviews: If I see a movie or TV series I really like, I will post a review of it here. Not enough to warrant a blog for it. I don’t enough care about the personal lives of actors to do that anyway. I do care enough to financially support them by legally buying their work, though.

…That’s about it.

Everything else that comes to mind, one of my other blogs mostly covers. That said, I encourage you to subscribe to all of my blogs ^_^


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