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As I said on Facebook a short time ago, at this point it’s fair to say I’m having a messy breakup with my current employer. My Medical Leave of Absence is still “pending” and I haven’t reported to work since the week before the holiday break.

So, I am (STILL) looking for new employment elsewhere. My family is convinced beyond reasonable doubt I “don’t get it”,  I “should suck it up” and of course, I “have no idea how good I’ve got it”.  Yet none of them want to be bothered viewing things from MY point of view. Whew.

Moving on, at this point I will want to share what it was I confirmed over the first four months of the 2015-16 School Year. I’ve often reflected on the last 10 years working for the school district in Boston–and yes I am going out of my way to not name it specifically for the sake of context–both over time and since the last time I was in a classroom.

While I appreciate all 4 administrators at the 3 schools I worked at willing to give me so many chances to “get it right”, when the truth is painfully clear then it’s time to put emotional attachments aside. I saw an unwillingness with this 2 out of 4 times. I mean in regards to me. Of the other two times where impartiality was shown, I was prettymuch thrown under the bus with one and looked at as nothing but a number with the other. With the two cases of partiality, I felt there was a conflict of interest due to a family connection with one and with the other, the school culture is very…different compared to most schools.

I came to accept a very hard truth over the last four months that Id been in denial about for the previous 10 years. While it is true that I am patient with children and have little trouble connecting with them, one thing that I always struggled with all 10.4 years was classroom management. I’ve undertaken 3 months worth of coursework total and nothing I did changed that fact. It wasn’t due to a lack of understanding on my part or misunderstanding on the part of the students I worked with. The last 4 months were the exclaimation point on why I was right to not even consider ever making being an educator my long-term career choice. I’ll speak more to this in a separate blog but again, I was given confirmation I should not be working in a classroom. Not just one with moderate to severe needs but in general. This was made crystal clear to me.

…My leave of absence ends in early March but I will submit resignation notice before then.

That said, I have two employment plans: One for now, the other once I have the trade skills I’ll need for it.  See, the mistake I made going into my current job position was not having an exit plan when I started. This time, I’m going to make sure I do both at the same time:


…One of these companies will be my next employer in Mid-April if things go as planned.

It may come as a surprise given my comments toward GameStop in the last few years. Even if it is used as a factor in my potential employment, I stand by them. That said, I am applying for a part-time position in both companies. There are open positions at the local stores I have in mind but in the interests of slightly boosting my odds, I’m not specifying which ones I’m apply for a positon at.

Of all the places to work retail, these two feel the mosts comfortable to me as they both cater to niche demographics. They also have a limited number of locations since they both only cater to niche demographics. I also feel that I will be able to better develop skills and relearn skills I didn’t used much working in classrooms.

I plan to do this for at least 3 years, hopefully 5. If the opportunity for a promotion arises, of course I’ll take it. While I’m working part-time, I will finish my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and get started on my Bachelor’s Degree.

This bring me to my long-term career. Long-term as I wouldn’t mind doing it past the age of retirement. LOL. Factoring my health issues and other variables I need to be mindful of, I’m going to pursue a career in Law. Specifically Mediation, Litigation and Consultation. There was something about the courses I took at Mass Bay Community College that piqued my interest in learning more in that area. While my primary focus wil be mediation, I plan to get my Master’s Degree in Family Law. This includes marriage, adoption and divorce.

Just like there are doctors that specialize in different things, there are attorneys that specialize in different things. This is something that I gave alot of thought during my 5-month hiatus last year. Yes, I’m aware I will need more than 3 years to get a Master’s Degree in Law. The plan is to finish my Associate’s in one year and get my Bachelor’s degree in two. By then, I should be in a good position to work on my Master’s Degree. Oh and no I don’t plan on going to Harvard either. Too many things about that school I don’t like. I’m leaning toward Northeastern University and Boston College after I finish my Associate’s Degree.

Of course, I have a bit of time to decide for sure. Things must be done in a certain order!

Again, I don’t huge aspirations. The idea is to play an advisory role at the most. I’ll likely get courtroom experience along the way and if it comes down to it, I have no problem with that at all. This process will likely take 5 to 8 years but that’s totally ok with me.

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