Full House spinoff series premieres on Netflix February 26, 2016   Leave a comment


Earlier today, pics of the cast on the set were released online. Here is ome with mostly familiar but some new faces as well:


Noticably absent is the beloved child star of the original TV series Michelle Tanner, who was played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (they took turns playing her). The Olsen Twins declined being a part of the new series despite a personal request by Bob Saget and John Stamos. While they declined the offer due to their respective busy schedules–by the way they’re 28 now–it’s likely they don’t want to be a disrtaction for what their on-screen family is doing AND they want the new cast to have their time to shine. Tabloids and critics will be quick to twist it and say it’s because of their unflattering moments from a few years ago. That said, I doubt their recent very public issues would have stopped them from participating if they really wanted to. Their fans and TV family understand and that’s all that matters.

That and unlike a Family Matters reboot, Fuller House has plenty of star power to keep the show going even without the Olsen Twins: Lori Laughlin (Played Becky) and John Stamos (Played Jessie) were the most prolific since the original series ended, appearing in several Primetime TV shows including One Tree Hill and ER. Bob Saget (Played Danny) did theatre while Dave Coulier (Played Joey) returned to standup comedy. Jodie Sweeden (Played Stephanie) and Candace Cameron (Played DJ) returned to private life while the Olsen Twins (took turns playing Michelle) were the most prolific for the 13 years following the end of the original series. The Olsens were hospitalized for Drug Abuse and Anorexia about 10 years ago on separate occasions but they seem to have made a full recovery based on the pics from the Full House Reunion two years ago.


Getting back on topic, the reason Fuller House has a better shot at being successful compared to Family Matters is the latter only had one star: Steve Urkel, who was played by Jaheel White. White, who pulled a Nutty Professor and played himself under the alias Stephon Erkel through that show’s run from 1990 to 1996 went out of his way to distance himself from Family Matters’ star character. White wanted to continue his career in showbiz and knew from the experiences of other child stars how difficult a transition it would be. Hence why he took steps in this direction long before the show ended.

Unlike Alfonzo Robiero, who played Carlton Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air he came to hate the fact all people knew him for was the character he played on Family Matters. Robiero had the same problem but unlike White, he didn’t hate his on-screen self because of it. Only recently has he seemed to have accepted this part of his life, appearing with a life-sized Steve Urkel doll in a car commercial. Where am I going with this? It’s very possible The Olsens have the same thought about Michelle Tanner.

Think about it: Unlike fellow twin TV stars Tia and Tamera Mowry, The Olsens took turns playing one character. This worked to their advantage they both didn’t necessarily need to be present to shoot episodes. The obvious downside is since they were both playing the same character, it was less about them and more about their on-screen character. Another difference the Mowrys (who made a very brief cameo appearance on an episode of Full House) had is they enjoyed success long after their show Sister, Sister ended. They saw the fact that they performed both together and with younger brother Taj (got his start on Full House as one of Michelle’s friends) as a strength and when they started acting separately, it was to showcase their individuality. Tia starred in a sitcom on CW for 2 seasons while Tamera co-starred in a season of Diagnosis Murder. The Mowrys currently star in a reality TV show on E!

So, Michelle Tanner won’t be on Fuller House. So what? They’ll come up with a clever cover story to explain her absence from the show. I doubt she’ll be killed off but they’ll probably say she’s doing her own thing just like the actresses who played her are. All in all, it’lls be a nice trip down memory lane for those who liked the original series.


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