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One of these two candidates has been winning every simulated election since their declaration to their opponent by a massive margin. One of these candidates has been chosen by the media–and the party–as the winner of the Democratic Primary. While both of these candidates are barely mentioned by the media in favor of talking about GOP Candidate (for now) Donald Trump–let’s be honest, we know he’s going to run as an Independent sometime later this year–only one of them has the country’s best interests in mind.

I’ll drop you a hint: It’s not Hillary Clinton.

If you’re even remotely following the Presidential Election, it’s hard to NOT notice the blatant suppression of Bernie Sanders’ campaign by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Vermont Senator Sanders, who is actually an Independent is running for the Democratic Nomination. Sanders is also backed by Liberals and Conservatives alike.

Despite the fact that on paper Sanders prettymuch has Clinton beat in every category, blatant suppression by the Democratic National Committee and the media following Trump everywhere is preventing more and more people from seeing and hearing Sanders. The same thing happened to John Kerry back in 2004 and we know how that ended. It proved it doesn’t matter if you’re qualified or not: You won’t become president without the party AND the media’s blessing. McCain found out both are needed in 2008 so…yeah.

As much as I hate to admit it, the media has a key role to play in elections in general. The obvious problem is the biased reporting depending on who owns the network (MSNBC), pandering to certain demographics (Fox News) and/or if it will be good for ratings (CNN). The obvious problem is the media in general has a horrible track record.

Of course, the Democratic Party’s just as bad. Actually, they’re worse than the Republican Party right now. You read that right and here’s why: At least the Republican field had a large number of candidates to start with–as much as 18. The Dems only had Hillary from the beginning with Biden as their backup. Problem with Hillary is her political baggage. Being a former first lady works against her as much as it works for her as well. Hillary becoming POTUS will divide the country. Of that you can be certain.

Sanders, on the other hand would be a clean and easy win if the Dems threw support his way. His entire campaign has been crowdfunded, only recently passing 2 Million contributors a few days ago. Bernie Sanders is the epitome of the term “The People’s Candidate”. Sadly, right now only his base knows who he is.

Sanders is a fighter and so are his supporters. He is what this country desparately needs: A politician who is loyal the people and ONLY the people. He can’t be bought and THAT is why the DNC pumping millions into HRC’s campaign. That and the rich will no longer profit on the backs of working class Americans. Sanders has promised to end the culture of “Too big to fail” once and for all. And His enemies know he will. Naturally. they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure their worst-case scenario doesn’t happen. Their mantra is “Anyone but him!” so…yeah.


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