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As you all know, I took the last two and a half months of the 2014-15 school year off due to stress. As I mentioned in my June 30 post on the matter, I left the door open to returning to BPS just in case. In light of the fact I’ve been unsuccessful so far in securing new employment that has a decient/reliable Health Insurance coverage, I will begin the process of ending my long-term leave of absence in the next day or two.

I missed the excess pool and will pick from what’s left before the remaining open positions are made available to new hires. I got the notification as well as a spreadsheet containing a list of the open positions at the time two weeks after the excess pool already happened. It happened because at the time, the BTU didn’t have my current home address on file. A problem I fixed as a result of that XD

Health insurance and obvious income needs aside, I have a more personal reason for returning to BPS: My 6-year old niece. Last week, I became aware of concerns around her comprehension and fliuency as a reader. Due to my background, I agreed to take over as her tutor for the long-term . I plan to meet with her teacher when the school year begins to make sure she gets a well rounded education plan. Plus I did tell her I would teach her to read like a boss.

…Those who’ve had the honor of working with me know The Aurabolt’s dedication to Education is not to be underestimated Of course, I’m obviously very passionate about it =D

This time, it’s personal for me. I plan to work part time during the next school year so I can still focus on other things. If things go as planned, I should finish the whole school year this time! I will provide an update on the subject once my employment and school assignment have been both confirmed, likely in a few weeks. Before my fomer collagues from my previous school get too excited, I am not returning to that particular school next year. I do plan to visit at the end of the month, though.

Look forward to it ^_^

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