In light of recent revelations, I will no longer defend or support Bill Cosby   Leave a comment

…It really is something when even convicted rapist R. Kelly publicly condemns you.

Mind you, at this point it’s unlikely Cosby will face jail time due to the statue of limitations regarding almost all of his accusers. The details of recently unsealed documents in which Cosby admitted to buying date rape drugs and infidelity are indefensible AND Inexcusable. No doubt he was hoping to keep those records from ever going public. As one pundit put it, Cosby may be alot of things but one thing he’s not is stupid.

I feel I have now been convinced beyond reasonable doubt Bill Cosby is not the man everyone thought he was. He’s lived the last 33 years as a lie, a hypocrite and a fraud. The one responsible for destroying Bill Cosby’s legacy turned out to be Bill Cosby himself. It really is a shame. Now that his indescretions are completely exposed and out there, what he needs to do is come clean and own up to what he did. He needs to personally apologize to the women who’ve come forward so far (no doubt there’s others) first and foremost and try to settle out of court. Then he needs to disappear from public work for the rest of his life.

I really should have paid attention when ABC pulled the new TV Show starring him from their lineup that was originally set to air this fall. I shouldn’t have been skeptical when Disney removed his statue from their theme parks. Netflix pulled everything starring Cosby from their streaming and physical libraries. So have networks that run reruns of his past work. Looking back, they all never would have done that if they didn’t believe there was some truth to the accusations.


His career is finished and he knows it. There’s no way he will be given a second chance like Michael Vick and Ron Artest were. He’ll continue to connect millions in royalties from movies and TV Shows he starred in. The least he can do now is the right thing and own up to it. Cosby’s situation truly is the epitome of the saying “The longest rope has an end.”


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