Retired Surgeon Dr. Ben Caron announces Presidential Bid   Leave a comment


I’m going with the assumption everyone reading this has at least heard of him before he decided to get into politics. He’s famous for performing the world’s first successful separation of twins conjoined at the head. By successful meaning both survived the operation. As you guys may know, there was a similar operation that was attempted with adult conjoined twins a few years ago in Egypt but they died on the operating table. While it’s easy to say now Dr. Carson would’ve suceeded where their doctor failed, brain surgery period is nothing to take likely!

Anyway moving on.

Dr. Carson announced he’s running for president yesterdsy. He’s running as a Republican Candidate and on the platform “Things need to change”. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Dr. Carson the Surgeon but as a Presidential Candidate, that’s another matter entirely. I’m sure those of you who support his candidacy will just dismiss this post as “another Adventist who does’t want to give a fellow Adventist his support” but that’s not the point. I just read the comments made to Adventist Review’s publication of a statement made by The Church in response to Dr. Carson’s presidential bid. It’s chilling to say the least. For the most part, the majority of the people who commented said “we should support Dr. Carson because he is our only hope”. I know they mean in the context of American politics but that kind of rhetoric is why the SDA Church, unlike the other denominations avoids politics like the plague.

As I said on Facebook earlier this morning, American Politics are divisive by design. It will be no different with Dr. Carson. A fact I’m sure he’s well aware of. At the very least, I can say unlike the other candidates he (and Bernie Sanders) doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He’s honest to a fault and the only thing going against him is his inexperience in politics. A detail the media will constantly remind its viewers.

That said, while Dr. Carson does have my support for the Republican Nomination, Bernie Sanders has my support for President. Looking ahead to this time next year, I don’t see Dr. Carson winning the Republican Nomination. There are too many millonaire-backed candidates and career politicians he has to contend with in the Repblican field. The question is weather or not he’ll consider running as someone’s Vice President. If he’s open to the idea, Bernie Sanders would be good fit since I think they could agree on alot of things. I don’t think any other Republican Candidate would pick Dr. Carson as a running mate personally so…yeah.

As I mentioned 3 paragraphs ago, Dr. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. As am I. That doesn’t mean I should feel obligated to give him my support in his political aspirations. I hope others don’t feel the same way when I officially run for an elected position in Boston in the very near future.


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