Last weeks’s CNN coverage of the Baltimore Protests: Part 1   Leave a comment

To be fair to CNN, I’ll break my analysis up by day starting on Monday. Ok here we go:


  •  Monday: They got roasted for the coverage by Social Media and the people of Baltimore so…yeah. You can’t try to portay the whole city as descending into chaos when it was concentrated in 3 intersections of one neighborhood. Putting local leaders under fire for dealing with a crisis of this magnitude for the first time doesn’t help either. yes Mayor Rollins-Blake and Governor Ford were annoyed. WITH YOU, CNN. That’s why the walked away from the interview.
  • Tuesday: It was clear after the sun went down they decided to focus the bad apples and the negative side of what was going on. They clearly didn’t get the message when the mayor and the governor walked away the night before.
  • Wednesday: This is when they switched to “Neutral for now” mode. By now, everyone has reaired The Baltamore Mom to death for 2 days straight. CNN got their turn interviewing her today as well. It was clear CNN decided to start treating the people of Baltimore like people for once. Erin Burnett or Ashleigh Banfield (can’t remember which it was at the moment) pressing that State Rep to say “Just Call the Niggers!” and then trying to look innocent…no one’s gonna forget that anytime soon.
  • Thursday: A smart move being quick to dismiss the “leaks” by the Baltimore PD.  A major development yes but smart to not call it credible new intel. Some people didn’t like the sound byte but Dom Lemon made a good point when he said those getting arrested for breaking the curfew shouldn’t be surprised. Civil Disobedience.
  • Friday: The indictment that shocked Black America. The important point made by the people of Baltimore is this isn’t a Black Problem. It’s an AMERICAN problem. And I think the American people are starting to get that. Freddie Gray was murdered for no reason. The DA made that clear with her decision to indict. The racial makeup of the defendants–who by the way posted bond and are on the streets–
  • Saturday: I loved how CNN finally admitted there WERE outside agitators on the ground trying to make the people of Baltimore look bad. They pushed back hard against their own Analysts in this regard and with good reason: All of the CNN correspondants have spent almost 2 weeks talking to the people of Baltimore off-camera. They know what the truth is. They’re not THAT irresponsible. I’ll give them credit for that. I didn’t like how they pressed the mayor when it was obvious she was doing volunteer work. She walks away after saying “I’ll only answer one question” and CNN turns around and says she didn’t want to do an interview in one breath but then admit “She did say she’d only answer one question” in the next.
  • Sunday (Today): A panel of “CNN Experts” once again accused the Governor and the Mayor of not being on the same page because they didn’t do joint press conferences. That same shit talk from last Monday that pissed me off. Ford’s responsible for the whole STATE. He’s under no obligation to take time out of his VERY busy schedule to please the media any more than the mayor does. They were just mad they didn’t get what they wanted yes but it’s very dangerous to make these kinds of accusations with no proof.


Overall, I give CNN’s coverage of Baltimore so far a B-.  They stuck around  Ferguson well after most of their counterparts left, came back and left again (LOL) so…yeah. Considering this is American History the whole world is watching, you can be sure they want to get it right. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

Part 2 of my Analysis of CNN’s Coverage comes at the end of the month or after they leave Baltimore, whichever comes first. Speaking of which, the Earthquake in Nepal happened one week ago today. CNN was preparing to send its correspondents overseas when the riots happened. Nepal took a back seat as a consequence. Not just CNN but everyone prettymuch forgot about Nepal. All because of the riots last Monday.

“Riots are the language of the unheard.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote’s been said alot over the last week and it’s the truth. The 2015 Baltimore Riots could happened in any American city except Boston. The low turnouts to marches and demonstrations I’ve seen around Boston are why I say that. There was a march yesterday from Mattapan to Roxbury of about 100 people. Everywhere else, it’s at least a few thousand strong. That doesn’t mean Black Bostonians are cool with the status quo. More like “we’re not directly effected” and that’s the wrong mentality. A casualty of being in Boston I suppose!

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