So, White Hat’s been convicted (No Surprise) 2 Years Later   Leave a comment

You know who I’m referring to. The Media’s said his name to death–no pun intended, LOL–for 2 years now so I’ll leave it at that. He was found guilty on all 30 charges against him.

…That’s like losing to all 30 NBA teams in a row XD

All that’s left is to find out if he’ll get life in prison or the death penality. That can go either way though I think he will get Life. For the Death Penality, the jury must vote unanimously. If even one of them disagrees it’s automatic life.

Justice has been done. All that’s left is for the period to be written.

That said, remember that I never used the surviving Boston Marathon Convict’s name in ANY of my blog posts. As I said in the beginning, this is something I feel very strongly about.  I’ll say the same two things now that I said then:

  1. White Hat’s name should NOT be remembered. He should be forgotten to history once the sentencing phase is completed next week. The only people who should care are the victims, their families, the suspect’s family, law enforcement and/or the Attorneys involved.
  2. Four people were murdered and 178 people were maimed for no reason. THEY are the ones who should NEVER be forgotten.

(Left to Right from the top): Kristine Campbell, Martin Richard, Sean Collier and Ling Zi-Lu

White Hat and Black Hat’s actions were prettymuch Boston’s 9/11. The people of Boston are a hardy bunch. We are the epitome of what it means to defy expectations. It’s what we do.

This is the last time I will talk about the Marathon Bombing on my blog. I will do what those who were directly effected by that day can never do and move on.


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