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I’m looking into making my exit from BPS much sooner than originally planned.

As of last week, I went public with letting my school community know I would not be returning after this school year. After 10 years working for BPS, I’m done.

The physical and emotional toll these last 2 and a half years in particular have taken on me have forced me to change my thinking on weather finishing the school year is the right thing for me or not. I’ve decided it’s no longer a viable plan.

Listen: I did 20 months of City Year 10 years ago. The work I did then and the hours I worked were much more demanding and I was paid alot less but it was nowhere near as stressful as I’ve been feeling for the last 10 months in particular. As of right now, I feel like I’m two steps away from having another mental breakdown. That’s not a place I’d like to revisit so…yeah.

I am still working on my post-BPS plan at this time. While having something to jump into now would be ideal, right now I don’t have anything concrete. Believe it or not I prefer to look at things realistically. I am prepared to go without a paycheck for a few months. I’m single and have no kids so I know at the end of the day, my family will support me in the short term.

I have not yet decided when I will resign it’s a matter of when, not if I envision my transition out of BPS taking place in mid-April the earliest. That said, I have alot of favors I’ve collected over the years from people that I’m going to start cashing in starting tomorrow.

If you’ve ever said the words “I owe you one”, expect to hear from me real soon ^_^


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