Here’s why I give Bill Cosby the Benefit of the Doubt   Leave a comment

And why Hollywood is, too.

Folks jumped on CNN’s Don Lemon last summer for pressing one of Cosby’s 14 (and counting) accusers.

Note the word I’m using: “Accusers”, not victims. All anyone has to go on is their words. Simple background checks on just a few of the Accusers revealed not only isn’t this the first time some of them have accused himof Sexual Assault but he isn’t even the first they’ve accused.

Now, you might have the arguement “Why doesn’t he just say they’re lying?” and to that, his ackowledging the accusations would dignify their words and you can be sure he doesn’t want to do that.

I’m going to entertain some speculation on my part and say what I think this is: Someone tried to blackmail Cosby. He didn’t go along with the plan so whoever tried to blackmail him paid these women–most of whom I’m sure never actually met him–to ruin his name. If not a third party then the women are looking for a cash grab. It’s not exactly uncommon for those in the entertainment industry. I think this applies to both the women accusing him now and the ones who accused him 25 years ago. Some of the women accusing him now are the same ones who accused him 25 years ago.

Before folks decide to jump on me, just think about it: Do you honestly believe there would be such overwhelming support for Cosby in both instances if the facts revealed his was guilty of wrongdoing? Seriously, think about it. All we have right now is the “testimony” of these 14 women who seriously expect everyone other than the media to believe them at their word.


For SNL’s 40th Anniversary, Eddie Murphy was asked by Producers to do a skit as Bill Cosby. Out of respect for his longtime friend and fellow comedian, Murphy refused to do the skit. Apparently, he backed out at the last minute. He did appear on SNL though to thank fans for the years of support, though. He felt now wasn’t the time to add to Cosby’s character assassination.

SNL regular Kenan Thompson did the skit in his place. It wasn’t meant to be disrespectful but I still think Kenan should have refused to do the skit, too. Thompson and Cosby worked together during the late 90s when Kenan was a child actor. I get it, he has a family and he is under contract but he should have refused out of principle. I haven’t lost my respect for Kenan over this but he should’ve followed Murphy’s example and flat-out refused.


…As the topic title says, Bill Cosby deserves the Benefit of the Doubt.

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