Just in Time for the New Year: The Green Line Extension is On!   Leave a comment

First, here is the Green Line north of Boston as it is now:



And here is where the new planned stations will be:



Here’s a video of the new extended rail line from Lechmere to College Ave. (no audio):

…The rail going off to the right at the very beginning leads to Union Square. It’s one stop so I didn’t see the merit in including it. Here’s a picture of Union Square now:



The plan will require Lechemere Station literally being moved across the street from its current location. The likely reasoning for that being twofold: They can build the new station while still keeping the current one open at the same time. They kept North Station open when the Green Line was moved underground 20 years ago. This shouldn’t be too hard to pull off given that.

In case you’re wondering, the MBTA and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (M-DOT) secured $100 Million from a $1 Billion feberal grant. Unlike the Big Dig, THIS project has been paid for in full. I’m also pretty confident there will be funds left over. I will ask the T Rider’s Union to urge M-DOT to put the rest on the MBTA’s debt it inherited from the Big Dig (more on this in a separate blog post).

It’s likely construction will be done in phases: First the new stations and the trolley new sevice yard (the current one is at Lechmere station) will be built. Then, new rail lines will connect the stations to the new Lechemere station. The next phase, which will likely result in a temporary stoppage of service will connect the new Lechmere statiom to Science Park station (which itself was modernized 10 years ago).  The final phase will be the old Lechmere station being demolished.

Construction will likely be done in the next 10 year so we’ll see ^_^

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