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I had a conversation with someone yesterday and one of the first things they brought up was my game blog. This led me to check exactly how many posts I’ve made for that blog and this one. Including drafts, this blog has 125 posts whle my Game blog has 128 posts. I expect the numbers for both blogs to increase over the course of the next two months (LOL!).

Anyway, as a reminder I link to all of my blogs from each other. Just because you’re looking at one doesn’t mean you won’t have quick access to the the four. You will find the links to the other blogs at the very top or very bottom of the page or both in the case of my Fanfiction blog. I push back hard against those who only seen my Game Blog or my Anime and Manga Blog because I don’t want people to have the wrong impression about my interests. Yes I play video games and watch anime but I also write alot of blogs. I also write alot of Fan Fiction as well as original stories both fiction and non fiction. So if you want to get a more accurate picture of me without talking to me, you’d need to look at all five of my blogs.

That reminds me:

During the same conversation I had with someone yesterday they brought up the fact I talk about my medical conditions electronically and quite candidly, too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I know what I’m doing. When folks advise against me posting some of the things I’ve shared electronically, they usually have the assumption I am ignorant of the dangers in doing this. Quite the opposite. While no I’m not obligated to share those things for any reason, I do it to prove I’m nowhere near as “perfect” as I seem. As I said in a separate blog post over the summer, there are subjects I will never discuss on my blog. I want you all to read it if you haven’t already.

The thing about sharing these things myself as opposed to someone else doing it that others never take into consideration that I have is it won’t backfire. Many people with good intentions feel inclined to speak on my behalf when I’m more than willing and capable of speaking for myself. When I need help with this area, I know how to ask.

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