Stop Everything: Full House Revival In the Works!   Leave a comment


In 2012, Bob Saget candidly said he was open to bringing the gang back together. Later that year the cash had a reunion:


As you can see, the adults have all aged well compared to the picture at the top. To those who were born after 1995, Full House was kept alive in reruns on Nick at Nite and TBS since the series finale in 1995. While the majority of the cast returned to private life after Full House, five of them continued their acting careers in the years since. Lori Laughlin and John Stamos found roles on other shows, Mary Kate and Ashley starred together in a string of sitcoms and kids shows (no doubt a nice change from sharing the role of Michelle on Fall House) and most famously (many of you might not have known this), Scott Weinger voiced Aladdin in the Disney films, tv show and video games.

…How time flies.

It would be awesome to see the show back. Hopefully it will catch on with the current generation. Gurl Meets World, which is the direct sequel to the 1990s hit Boy Meets World has the original cast from before but hasn’t been doing well in terms of ratings. On the other hand, Full House has a cult following spanning 25 years. They can do it.

As for the approach, there’s a number of way it could be done. Assuming the Olsens are on board, I’ll be interested in seeing how they handle the character they shared as kids. Their hair now is not only different lengths but different colors and textures. The producers can go one of two routes: Have one or both girls wear a wig or introduce a new character who looks like Michelle Tanner. They have an opening to pull it off: On one episode of the original series, there was a family reunion and both girls were used. One played Michelle as usual while the other played her cousin and wore a black wig. The studio audience knew the twins took turns playing Michelle so in this way both girls would have airtime at the same time.

As for the new storyline, I don’t think alot of imagination would be necessary. Here’s hoping it’s for real!



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