Ok so for real, the Serene Adventure Forum’s getting purged   Leave a comment

For only the 6th time in my entire life, I’m ashamed of something. Mostly since I’ve had this forum for 7 years. On five separate occaisions–4 on the forums and once on thie blog–I said I was going to clear out the foruns. Looking at the way it looks now, I didn’t go far enough.

So I’m going delete everything on the forums and rebuild it from scratch. That includes ALL of the members with three exceptions though I’m sure they know who they are. I’ve just sent a mass email letting folks know to bookmark the forum’s URL if they haven’t in preparation for the purge. If they want to come back, they’ll have to make new accounts.

The member purge serves two purposes. For one, except for the three people I have in mind none of them have posted anything or haven’t posted in years. The other is although I’ve been lucky and never had a problem with bots, I’d rather not take any chances one of the 48 accounts is really a bot.

Right now the forum’s offline but it should be back online within the next 90 minutes. I don’t expect things to take any longer than that ^_^


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