Kudos to CNN for Humanizing the Conflict in Gaza   Leave a comment

While I usually would be the first to jump at the chance to bash the most hypocritical of the three U.S.-based News Networks (the other two being MSNBC and Fox News, which are just as bad actually), I have to give them credit for doing what both Palestinian and Israeli leaders chose to ignore: The Human cost of the Conflict in Gaza. It’s not a war betwen Israel and Palestine as the violence is concentrated in Gaza or more specifically it’s capital, Gaza City. I’m going to share a few pictures I pulled from a quick Google Image Search. They’re hard to look at but relax, they’re safe for work:



I liken the conflict between Israel and Palestine to what a conflict between the United States and Mexico would look like. Both sides would feel the effects but let’s be honest, Mexico can’t hope to hold a candle to what the U.S. Military is capable of. That’s prettymuch what’s going on in Gaza. While yes, Hamas has made it clear it will not be satisfied until it wiped Israel off the map, realistically they will never be able to do that. The U.S. aside, their Islamic neighbors won’t stand for it.

Families on both sides of this conflict have lost loved ones but if we’re comparing casualties, almost all of the 1300 Palestinians killed were civilians who have nothing to do with Hamas’ extemeist agenda. It’s true they have political power in Palestine as of about 10 years ago but you can be damned sure the people who gave them that power regret their decision to give them said power.

On the other hand, Israel has the right to defend itself from all threats. America threw sovereignity out the window when it invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. It also felt damaging its relationship with Pakistan was worth it when Navy SEALS went in and took out Osama bin Laden. Any sane person would want their government to do something if some of your neighbors made it clear they won’t be happy until you and your family have been wiped off the map.

…The problem is Israel is using a bazooka to kill flies. A bazooka is powerful, yes but there is sure to be collateral damage. Here’s one such example that stuck out to me:


This is Shaymaa Sheikh al-Eid, who was born last Thursday in Gaza by Energency C-Section after her mother was killed in a bombing that also took the lives of her entire family. The only reason she survived was because when doctors brought her mother into the hospital, they found her (the baby’s) heartbeat. This is, for all intents and purposes a miracle that happened in an active combat zone. As of yesterday Shaymaa, who was born a few weeks premature is clinging to life. As you can see in the above picture, she relies on a respiratior to breathe.

My opinion is the same as the political anylists who’ve been appearing on CNN all day: Both sides prevent civilian casualties at all costs.  There have been reports Hamas has been using Palestinian civilians as human shields. Their own propaganda videos indicate this isn’t true. In war, truth is always the second casualty after innocence.

Poltically, I predict Palestine will cut its ties with Hamas very soon. Israel has made it clear its only interest is taking out Hamas militants firing rockets into Jewish settlements. The one truth both Palestine and Israel have in common over the last 3 weeks is for every ceasefire proposed, Hamas either refused it or broke the ceasefire. No other Islamic militant groups or governments–Egypt and Lebanon included–are openly backing Hamas. Ergo, common sense dictates you remove Hamas from the equation.

The tragic thing also true about both sides is apparently, no price is too high for their respective goals. One can only hope the innocent people caught in the middle are not forgotten to history.


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