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Edit 6/24/2014: In light of a recent development at work, I edited this post.



Some of you may remember this blog post from last month. As of June 12, my name was not among the announced staff members who will not be back in September. In short, it would be safe to say I will be back at the same school next year. If I wasn’t, I definitely would have known by now so…yeah.

I do want to comment on something I touched on when I edited the above referenced blog post: Due to the unique and important nature of the School where I work, while staffing for next year was being decided I was asked to remove the name of the school from that blog post. I also removed the name of the school from two other blog posts as well. Even though my colleagues at the school knows by now I would never say anything detrimental about the school on my blogs, it was a simple and easy request I was more than happy to oblige.

Now that I am almost certain I have somewhere to return to in September, I have a secret I’ve been keeping from prettymuch everyone until now:


I’ve started the application process at Northeastern University as an Undergraduate. I still have to get my transcript from Mass Bay Community College but other than that, I should have my application for Fall classes submitted by early July. The plan is to take three our four evening courses throughout the week, possibly one or two a day. Unlike Mass Bay, NEU is WAY more accessible and it would be a short commute from work as well.

I still have a few connections at NEU that I hope to exploit come next month to expedite the application process so we’ll see.

As for what I intend to pursue, after I get my Associate’s Degree I’m going to change my Major to Journalsm. I like writing stories and articles and and I also like listening to the life stories of others. After that…well, who knows.

I could go on and on but I think that’s better left to a separate blog post ^_^

Before I forget: The picture at the top was a commission my Artist Friend made for my class. It looks even more impressive in person than it does in that picture. It will bring it to work for the last day of school but I will take it home over the summer for safe keeping. Depending on how things go between now and September it may return to my school.

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