Another Month, Another Mass Shooting   Leave a comment


The father of slain shooting victim Christopher Martinez said it best: “Until we stand up [To Politicians and the NRA], it will not stop.” Let’s be honest: That’s just one part of the problem.

Dwight K. Nelson, who is the Senior Pastor of Loma Linda University said it best: America has an obsession with death. Until that mindset changes, how can we hope to stop somementally disturbed young person from doing these things in the first place?

American Media glorifies death and killing on all levels from Books to Movies to TV Shows to yes…Video Games. Admit it, you never thought you’d see me use the words death, killing and video games in the same sentence. It’s interesting to note the last 30 years in particular have seen an explosion of violence in media with children and young people as the target demographic. Add a psychosis or mental disorder and a vegeance complex and you have yourself a national tragedy waiting to happen.

Anyway, enough talk about sad things. That’s all I have to say on the subject right now.

I will record a video sometime tomorrow and that will be the end of it. In the planned video, I will explain why I’ve taken the time to comment on the recent mass shootings in America. I also consider it a sequel to a video I did last November. Like that one, it will be pretty raw. This is in addition to another video I already planned to record on a completely unrelated subject.


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