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Honestly, I’m sick of folks who come up with every excuse they can think of to pirate music. The one that I hear the most is “I refuse to give <insert record label or artist here> a cent of my money” but they turn around and grab a pirated copy of the song from the internet.

Believe it or not, Piracy really is NOT a victimless crime. That said, I can be transparent and say I do use overseas mirror sites to download music I can’t find legally. Specifically songs from Anime and video games. Aside from those areas I buy all the music I have.

if you want to know how Piracy effects the artists who make the music, just ask some in your neck of the woods. They’ll tell you. Some are so bothered by the very idea someone will pirate their songs they refuse to sell their music digitally. Others take it a step further and won’t even sell their music in stores to force folks who want their music to either track them down or see them at a show.

A new Michael Jackson album was released worldwide today on iTunes. Unlike 2009’s Michael, XSCAPE’s Deluxe Album includes the remixed versions and the original versions on the same album. I’ll speak more on the subject on MJ’s unreleased music going public next month on the anniversary of his death but unlike Michael, no one doubts MJ did the vocals in XSCAPE. By the way I loved the 2009 album Michael. I blame the haters claiming to be MJ fans not giving it a chance for tarnishing it.

I’ll give a review of the new album sometime Wednesday (tomorrow) on Facebook and Amazon.



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