Wrestlemania 30 Result: Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker, The Streak ends at 21-1   3 comments


I wouldn’t have believed if it if I didn’t just see it myself on the WWE Network. Honestly, I never thought The Streak would end, least of all to Brock Lesnar. Being a Company Guy, ‘Taker can decide if The Streak ends and against who. The boys and girls on Gamefaqs’ Pro Wrestling: WWE Board are already calling it ‘Taker’s last match or second to last match. I think it’s far too soon to make that kind of call though The Phenom IS 48 years old. For the last five years the only match he’s done a year is Wrestlemania.  It’s one thing when you’re doing 1-2 matches a week but it’s another when you only do one match a year.

Again: This is The Undertaker we’re talking about. As far as the WWE’s concerned, ‘Taker’s dedication to the company during The Attitude Era and by extension the Monday Night Wars earned him the right to do prettymuch whatever he wants.  Having said that, The Streak ending automatically releases him from having to compete at Wrestlemania if he doesn’t want to anymore. He’s also said on the record that he’s interested in working with Daniel Bryan.

Honestly, I think it would have been better if The Streak fell to John Cena as two Company Guys. Oh, well. it is what it is.

3 responses to “Wrestlemania 30 Result: Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker, The Streak ends at 21-1

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  1. Having Cena win would’ve been the obvious. I’m glad that battle didn’t happen. As much as I’m not a fan of Lesnar having him beat Taker showed that Taker was no longer immortal. He was no longer the man with the streak. He became Mr. 21-1. I’m still in disbelief that this has happened, but Taker’s dedication to the company will never be forgotten. It’s time for I’m to be inducted into the HOF. How ironic being that Paul Bearer was just inducted.

    • You’re probably right. Even though the feud was so badly done the signs were so obvious for Lesnar to attain what the WWE called “The Holy Grail” of Wrestlemania Feats.

      When Lesnar came back in January they fed Mark Henry to him. Big Show booked a match at Royal Rumble after Lesnar Kayfabe broke Henry’s arm. And then Lesnar conveniently gets an open contract from Triple H to book a match at Wrestlemania 30 with whoever he wants.

      ‘Taker answers the challenge but unlike with Lesnar the idiots at Creative doesn’t make either of them look credible. As I said in the blog post, ‘Taker’s dedication to the company allows him the freedom to decide if and who The Streak falls to. The obvious conclusion is for reasons known only to him, he chose Brock Lesnar at WM30.

      Could this be his final match? I doubt it since he has said on the record he’d like to do a promo with Daniel Bryan. With the pressure of The Streak gone he’s free to do whatever he wants now and unlike with Goldberg, at least The Deadman can say The Streak ended on HIS terms.

      • Very true. I guess only time will tell on when he’s coming back and when he story line could possibly start with Bryan. You never know.


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