Now I can definitely say I’m ready to find and get a kind girlfriend.   Leave a comment

Notice I used the word “find” and not “get” in the same sentance. One does not simply GET or FIND a girl/boy friend. You have to do both. I also wanted to be specific so instead of using the words “good”, “great” or “perfect” (all of which come later) I used the word “KIND”.

Most folks would usually take this moment to  give a shopping list of things they would and would not prefer. In my case, I would prefer not have a girlfriend who:

  • Drinks, smokes and/or uses drugs.
  • Has a Dependancy, Superiority or Inferiority complex.
  • Is in debt.
  • Recently or trying to come of an abusive, complicated or difficult relationship.
  • Is close-minded.
  • Is a bigot.
  • Is very impatient.
  • Doesn’t have a diagnosed (or undiagnosed!) intellectual impairment or disability.

That’s it prettymuch. Everything else I could think of falls into one of those categories. As for the last one, this is one area I absolutely DO NOT want to have in common with my significant other. I have a couple intellectual disabilities myself and that’s more than enough for me.

In terms of preferences, for me it’s as long as they do not fit into any of the above categories. In terms of physical appearance, I prefer a person’s natural beauty. Otherwise you have an inferiority complex in my book. By that I mean not wearing makeup or not dressing formally all the time makes you feel insecure due to external factors and/or tradition(s).

In terms of age, between 21 and 35. I just turned 30 on Sunday so…yeah. I just don’t want to be in a serious relationship with someone older than my youngest aunt (she’s 33 in case you’re wondering). In terms of commitment level, I’d prefer something long-term. I’ve had my fill of short-term relationships with members of my own family so…yeah. Consistency would make for a nice change.

If it gets to that point later on, I’m open to having kids either naturally or through adoption. Having said that, I’ll be able to tell right away if I’m being used as part of a lovers’ quarrel. If that is indeed the case, forget we ever met. This is also why I put the condition for no wanting someone in a complicated relationship. I’ve got my own problems, after all XD

That’s prettymuch it.


It’s also been statistically proven the people who use dating sites (, Monster, Christian Singles, etc.) have unrealistic expectations. Either that or it’s folks using these sites to either have Cyber Sex or to spam their Livecams. One or the other.

So don’t even think about asking me to try a dating site. I already did when I was still in City Year and these sites set won’t allow direct communication without a subscription.

…Besides, I think it’s more effective to just sell yourself (no pun intended, LOL) on You Tube =D


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