Lately I’ve been getting alot of IOUs from folks…   Leave a comment

So I got a logbook yesterday:

The small green notebook will contain the names and dates of instances in which someone says one of the following phrases: “I owe you” (or similar variation), “I’ll make it up to you” (Or similar variation) or “I’m in your debt” (or similar variation). To clarify, I’m not talking about money (though it can be, lol) but favors. Small tasks, oddjobs, stuff like that.

Lately I’ve been collecting ALOT of IOUs from a few folks both at work and elsewhere. I don’t want to forget the who and when so that when I decide to start “cashing in” those IOUs they’ll know to be ready to “pay up”. By the way I don’t loan money since I rarely carry cash.

The reverse also holds true and those I’ve had a personal, non-financial debt with knows when I return the favor I do it with interest every time. It’s what I do.

To go into a bit more detail, the IOU only gets logged if it’s mutually agreed upon. I’m talking about IOUs I get from folks. I will log it the name of the person I got the IOU from as well as the date so I don’t forget.

As I mentioned above the reverse also holds true and when certain specific conditions are met, my IOU with someone can be transferred to someone else. I say that because this happened earlier this week with an old and new friend of mine. No, I won’t get into any further detail nor will I tell you what the conditions were. in that particular case. It’s a secret!

I think it’s needless to say the art of cashing in an IOU on someone is a like work of art. Having said that, it’s courteous to let the person you’re going to cash in on know in advance so they can do accomodate your needs. I make it easy for folks who cash in on me: I give ’em Coupons.

Here’s a few types of coupons I give:

  • 1 Free Hug, Handshake and/or High Five
  • Up to two hours (120 minutes) chat time (in 15 minute blocks. Can use all 120 minutes at once or up to 8 times)
  • “I lift things up and put them down.” (Speak to me for details, open to your own interpretation)
  • 1 Home Made Meal (Speak to me if there are dietary restrictions)
  • Up to 60 Minutes of Computer Assistance (in 15 minute blocks. Can use all 60 minutes at once or up to 4 times)
  • 15-45 minute emergency work-related coverage (Advance notice required)

That’s just what I’m willing to make public. As for the ones that can be reused there is no experation date. None of my coupons expire, actually.


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