The 2013 World Series: Boston Strong   Leave a comment

Me With 2007 Red Sox Trophy

Me pictured with the Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Trophy.


6 months ago I wrote this blog about the Boston Marathon Bombing the day after it happened. In the days immediately after the events of that day people and organizations from all over the world sent their love. From a Red Sox fan’s perspective, this tops ’em all. You see, I feel the need to explain something for those who either do not hail from a sports town/city or a Baseball town/city. The mutual love and respect between the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and their respective fans has the power to unite an entire city in ways not even our elected officials have been able to figure out.

This video is the epitome of that:

Yes, everyone in attendance at Fenway Park joined in to sing the Star Spangled Banner. As David Ortiz said that day, this is our <Bleep> City (He changed the swear word when he spoke after last night’s game to “BIG”. It’s interesting to note MLB and the FCC looked the other way when he swore on national tv!).

We are Boston and we are Strong. We are Boston Strong.

For the locals, here’s the parade route:

The 24 boat rally begins near Fenway Park at the intersection of Boylston and Ipswich. From there it travels down Boylston, takes a left on Tremont, a left on Cambridge, a right on Blossom and will finish in the Charles River.

Before the series started I predicted the Red Sox would close it out in Boston. Turns out I got my wish. The best part is since it’s happening on tne weekend, you don’t have to worry about folks skipping school or work to go to the parade XD


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