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I realize it’s been a few months since I took The Serene Adventure Forums offline and I’ve had alot going on since then. I plan to reopen the forums a few hours from now and man, have things changed. The biggest changes are in the Video Games and Anime Sections, which were both consolidated into about 5 boards total. I have also added links to all five of my WordPress Blogs.

Over the last 8 or so years I used parts of it as an organizer for the Serene Adventure stories and other things these blogs have taken over as. This paves the way for me to use the forums as an extension of my website and now by blogs as I originally intended. I can only hope there’s a little something for everyone on the Serene Adventure forums. I think the reason the forums never got much traffic before was because I set my expectations too high. Now that I have blogs I feel a whole lot less pressured to succeed in that regard.

One other thing for those connected via Facebook: Hopefully the cropped picture of myself will replace the PayPal Logo you keep seeing. Speaking of which the PayPal Link is for those folks to give me money if they are both able and willing to. Any amount is fine. Of course if you don’t have the means don’t worry about it. All content on my blogs and forums are free. The Paypal Links are for gratuity purposes only.

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