I’m done with Netflix   Leave a comment

As I said in this blog post the main reason I got Netflix was for the Anime first and foremost.

Aside from that I’d watch a couple movies as they were released or old movies I found but other than that I still bought what I watched if it wasn’t on DirecTV. Since buying my iPod Touch and especially since buying two Anime DVD sets at Anime Boston this year I’ve had less and less reason use Netflix.

I cancelled my subscription early last month.

Let’s be honest: Most people who use Netflix either for DVDs or Streaming have a particular genre or series in mind. For me, Anime was the main draw. Since their Anime library has been steadily getting smaller over the last 16 months, I figure I’m better off just buying it on iTunes, Xbox Live or DVD. As one person who commented on my previous blog on the subject said it looks like Netflix wants to get rid of fans of that genre.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I know how the whole licensing thing with Netflix works. They can only license something for a certain number of years. If the company they made the deal with choses not to renew they have to take it down and there’s nothing they can do. I get that. To make matters worse for Netflix, Funimation and Aniplex both stream many of their titles on their websites. Why get your milk from the store when you can get it straight from the cow?

There’s also the fact some streaming services want an exclusive deal with content providers. That puts the provider at a bit of a disadvantage: If they have a licensing deal with mutliple services they collect mutliple checks. With exclusive deals everyone else is shut out. For example last year Netflix inked an exclusive deal with Disney. Most people didn’t see the significance of the deal until Disney announced they bought LucasFilms a few weeks later. Thanks to their exclusive deal the Star Wars movies can be streamed from Netflix. As a reminder Disney also owns the distribution rights to Marvel (X-Men, The Avengers, Spiderman, etc.).

All in all I’m done with Netflix.

It was great while it lasted but I no longer have a reason to keep using it.

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