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Recorded last night directly via You Tube. Thie video is obviously not HD Quality.

In regards to the outcome of the trial, all I can say is the jury has spoken. Do I agree with with the verdict? No, but not for the main reason as all my friends and family don’t. See, the crazy thing about the whole race thing I mentioned in my video is George Zimmerman technically isn’t “white”. Therefore the whole white on black arguement being thrown around doesn’t apply in this particular case. The real problem with this case is the Stand Your Ground Law, which was used as the basis for Zimmerman’s defense.

As many legal analysts pointed out, the prosecution made alot of mistakes during the trial. In the end, they failed to impress the jury beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty of anything. Ergo the fault ultimately belongs to the prosecution for failing to convince the Jury. Should a member of the jury make a statement to the media you can expect them to say something to that effect.

One thing even I can’t ignore is the fact that I’m an African American man. I usually avoid race relation topics like the plague and am reluctantly commenting on it in this particular instance. Look, I know the history and I know racism is still a largely overlooked problem in America. Even I can’t deny this fact. Now, have I ever felt I was mistreated because of my race or percieved race? Nope. Gender or character yes but race specifically, no.

Let me say again I don’t believe the race of the deceased and the perceived race of the defendant in the trial were a factor in the outcome. On the other hand I believe the legal system is America has been twisted in such a way any African American who goes through it has a very low chance of getting a fair trial. It’s an established FACT that has gone largely unaddressed over the last 40 years. The NAACP has already said it is going to look into filing Civil Rights charges against Zimmerman and/or the state of Florida. It was actually in the process of filing charges in a somewhat related Stand Your Ground trial but held off pending outcome of the Zimmerman case. All I can say to that is I hope they win.

Let me go back to the whole racial divide thing people with my mostly skin color or darker with less self-control have been preaching about for the last 18-ish months. On the one hand there is some truth in what they’re saying. Black people know to avoid certain areas either entirely or after dark. I’m probably the only African American in the city of Boston not afraid to walk through South Boston at 10:00PM.

On the other hand, perception is everything. If you carry yourself a certain way you should expect to be treated a certain way.

I’ll use myself as an example. I hate baggy clothes. The stereotype that goes with black guys wearing baggy clothes is the main reason you will NEVER see me wear ’em. EVER. I also don’t “talk black”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Anyone who’s read any of my stories on Fictionpress or or just read my blogs has a pretty good idea of how diverse my volcabulary is. I don’t let my word skills go to waste just because it’s mostly useless at work. I also don’t wear designer hip hop clothes. Again, the stereotypes. This made shopping when I was a kid easy for my parents: Unlike my brothers they didn’t have to spend alot of money on me. All I care is if it fits comfortably.

When I was in High School some people questioned my racial identity more than the biracial students because I didn’t make any effort to fit in with the black crowd. I didn’t make any effort to fit into any crowd actually but that’s what was seen.

All I can say to that is I know who I am and know where I came from. I know where I am now and I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go moving forward. I won’t let things beyond my control prevent me from doing the things I want to do. It’s that simple. What I can control I will. What I can’t comtrol I’ll deal with when the time comes.

Once again I want to call on people everywhere to be peaceful.

I have two easy tips if you want to keep an outcome like this from happening again:

  1. DO NOT TRY GET OUT OF JURY DUTY. If you’re able to do it then do it.
  2. Educate yourself on the laws in your state/country. Many people chose to educate themselves. Why not you?

I’ll even throw out a link to Massachusetts General Laws for my fellow state citzens. Here’s one more link for the rest of the United States. If you live outside the U.S. all I can say is use Google to look it up for your country.

Most people are mad at the outcome simply because for all intents and purposes, an admitted killer was let off the hook. Ignore everything else and think about this: How would you feel if a member of your family was killed under similar circumstances and a jury decided the admitted killer was innocent?

THAT’S where the outrage comes from. This is a situation where the justice system failed and even worse, sets a dangerous precident:

  • If you’re black you DO NOT want to go to the corner store alone after dark.
  • Holding a bag of candy can get you killed.
  • Wearing a hoodie at night automatically means you’re up to no good.
  • Someone can shoot you on the grounds of self-defense in Florida.
  • Because you’re a black youth your life means less.

As many of you know I work in education. I worked in a middle school classroom when Trayvon Martin was killed last year. Some of those students are going to high school this coming school year. All they see from this is an unarmed black boy was killed and the shooter got away with it. To them, this (the verdict) means no one really cares if they live or die. In a country where animals have more rights than people I honestly can’t say I blame them. In a country where people get shot or stabbed in urban areas every day in this country and there’s little to no outcry from the MEDIA I honestly can’t blame them.

There was a public outcry after the Boston Marathon Bombing. As many of my white co-workers said the following week, people get killed every week in this country and you don’t even hear about it. That isn’t to say the bombing wasn’t a tragedy. The fact is when you have the media focusing only on what they consider newsworthy this is why there is such litte regard for human life.

Life has meaning when you give it meaning.

I’m Brendan Aurabolt. I’m an Intelligent African American and proud of it.


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