STOP EVERYTHING: The Boston Celtics are being rebuilt. AGAIN.   Leave a comment

Last summer Ray Allen left Boston for Miami. Last week the Heat won their second NBA Title in a row. Doc Rivers left Boston for the Clippers earlier this week and moments ago, what said coach worked hard to avoid over the last 6 years has now happened: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have been traded away (along with Jason Terry). Both veteran players plus Jason Terry were traded to the Brooklyn Nets for two players and 3 1st round draft picks.

Danny Ainge needs to go.

I don’t care if LeBron James is signed to the team tomorrow (relax Heat fans. I’m joking. I personally hate LBJ as a player and a person). Speaking of LBJ, just look at what happened to Cleveland after he left. With K.G. and Pierce gone who’s that leave? Ainge said on the record no one is safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raijon Rondo is already looking for another team to sign with. Jeff Green missed most of the previous season and although he did good this season you can’t expect him to carry the team going into the 2013-14 season. And no I’m not expecting Rondo to stick around without Rivers, Pierce and K.G. While yes Pierce and K.G. probably only have a few more years left in them at best both players were passionate about finishing their careers in Boston. It’s rare at the professional level you have a coach willing to stand up for their players like Doc Rivers did for the Celtics.

At the end of the day he needed to do what he needed to do. As a former Celtic himself (Rivers played for the Celtics in the 1980s) I know the decision wasn’t made lightly. With no core the Celtics are right back where they were before Pierce signed with the Celtics in 1998. Let’s say Rondo decides to stick around (which would make him the sole remaining member of the 2008 team that won the NBA Title). Unless the Celtics get another all-star/veteran to support Rondo they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs next year.

I’m not happy with these decisions Ainge has been making or allowed to happen. He’s driven the team into the ground and needs to go. At the very least I don’t see the Celtics being able to recover from losing their core players for at least 2-4 seasons unless they get really lucky with the Free Agent pool or next year’s draft. Dwight Howard’s the free agent to get though without something good in exchange (I don’t think Rondo and cash alone would be enough) he’d have to be willing to play for less. Which was why Ray Allen left for Miami.

Right now, I have very low expectations for the Celtics in the upcoming season. Alot can happen between now and November but again, it would take something major to justify what went down this week.


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