Consolidating My Forums Again   Leave a comment

I’d say it’s about time for my forums to undergo a reduction in size.

To those who’ve never seen it before–I assume most of you–I first made it in 2007. Before I found Invision Free (which later merged with Zeta Boards) I used a few temporary forums here and there from 2002 to 2007. The board I made through (back when everything was free lol) lasted three years and it got a small following, mostly from my buddies at TPPC. Now I have my current board through Invision Free/Zeta Boards. The one advantage it has over the board I had back in the day is the board will stay up indefinitely regardless of forum activity. Considering my board’s been pretty dead since I made it 6 years ago this is a major plus for me.

I’m going to set up my forums to better tailor fit with my WordPress Blogs. I anticipate 75% of the forums will be removed. Most of the posts will be saved if deemed relevant as well. I figure in time the site might have that many forums again but given how quiet it is, I need to drastically shrink the forums and let traffic dictate the forum’s growth. I’m going to do it later tonight and expect the process to take an hour. During that time the forums will be offline–the first time I’ve done that since the redesign. When it reopens I doubt you’ll recognize it!

One interesting note: Never once have my forums been mass-spammed. I don’t use Capcha either which is pretty interesting. To those using PHPbb boards dealing with Spambots, that’s something to think about.


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