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Can’t believe I only just realized this about CNN   Leave a comment

For all the resources they have at their disposal, they’d rather focus on entertaining speculation than stick with the facts.

The whole world saw this firsthand during the near-24 hour manhunt in Watertown that led to the capture of White Hat (see my April 20 blog if you need a refresher as to why I will not use the surviving bombing suspect’s name). Today, CNN is the only news outlet that actually infers White Hat’s three friends (the ones arrested today) willingly hid and/or destroyed evidence the day before his capture after a brief conversation with one of them. The obvious problem is they–along with everyone not directly involved with the investigation–have no basis for such speculation.

Let’s look at the largest Manhunt on U.S. Soil (Reminder: over 12,000 Law Enforcement personnel involved). Myself–along with nearly 4 million people worldwide–were listening to the Police Scanner during the manhunt that lasted 22 hours starting with the initial report of shots fired at MIT. Use that link if you want to download a hard copy of history. Anyway, during the entire manhunt I had the TV set to CNN. The correspondants got as close as they dared a few times but each time they were pushed back. The radio chatter I was listening to along with Google Earth allowed to track exactly where law enforcement was in real time. Unlike most of those who were also listening I livei n Boston. I’m also familiar with Watertown and I put that knowledge to use as streets and intersections were called out. After 8 hours I was sure I could do a better job reporting the facts than CNN based on what they were saying up to that point.

At one point a correspondant ackowledged they were aware people were following everything via police scanner but weren’t going to use information gathered from that because they couldn’t “authenticate” the information coming in. In other words, they didn’t want to trust it. Had they simply said they didn’t want to inadvertantly tip off the suspect to the police’s movements (which I’m sure was also a factor) I’d have accepted that. When the public knows more than the media does that’s one thing. When I know the exact address they tracked White Hat to four hours before the media does…yeah. The nail in the coffin for me was when they initially reported White Hat had been killed during the final moments of the manhunt in Watertown. In reality he was on his way to the hospital about 45 minutes before they said that.

CNN got roasted at the White House Correspondance dinner by the president and Conan. In retrospect they deserved it. For the so-called rivalry they have with MSNBC (openly liberal and supports Democratic values) and Fox News (openly conservative and supports Republican values) at least their competators are consistent (CNN leans to the left most of the time but claims it is politically neutral). What they don’t seem to get is it’s the fact that they keep insisting they’re unbiased is why alot of people don’t like them. This takes me back to what I said at the top of the blog–they’re trying to say the three suspects arrested today knowlingly interferred with a federal investigation. On the contrary, the known facts suggest they acted on their own and did not conspire with White Hat. It’s more akin to just knowlingly doing something they throught was right at the time despite knowing they’d be found out eventually.

From now on I know I can’t trust CNN to tell the truth when it covers criminal cases. I’ll literally be fact-checking them on everything now. I don’t watch TV for anything politics either so…yeah. The sad thing for meĀ  they have a talented team of reporters and correspondants. Plus they can get a camera in hot spots within 24 hours. Even so, I think of Rick Sanchez (a reporter fired from CNN for telling the truth a few years ago on the air) and hope Anderson Cooper, Dom Lemon and Wolf Blitzer have the common sense to leave CNN before the same thing happens to them.


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