Anime Boston 2013 is officially over. Here’s to AB2014!   Leave a comment

Hands down the attendees made this year’s con one for the ages. As a panelist, I saw this firsthand over the last 24 hours. Sunday was no exception. I got to the Hynes at around 10:30AM, giving me plenty of time to make a beeline for Comicopia’s booth. I almost bought $160 worth of Manga and probably would have to if I wasn’t mindful I needed to make sure to have some funds to get through this week and next week. I settled on only getting $60 worth of Manga. The GOOD news is I FINALLY finished my Death Note Manga set. I now have one of all twelve volumes! I also bought some more Code Geass to go with the volumes I got at the Swap Meet last night. Let’s see…I bought a T-Shirt from a different vendor and then hustled up to Workshop 313 for my Fan Fiction panel.

I’ll get into the specifics over on my Fan Fiction blog but I will say going into it I was exhausted, feeling drained and my voice was hoarse. By sheer force of will I made it through the 90 minute panel, albiet barely. I’m probably going to just make it two hours next year as well as find some folks to do it with me. Anyway, after the panel was done I hung around for a bit before I moseyed over to Room 202 (Where my Clannad panel was last year). The room was nearly full by time I arrived and it was still 15 minutes before the panel was scheduled to start. By the time I started it was standing room only.

When it was all said and done, the panel was an instant hit.

The mock trial in the second half was made extra special by the cosplayers in the house. AWESOME! The crazy thing about THAT detail is I literally came up with it on the spot. Oh, I planned the mock trial in advance. The fake case itself I made up on the spot. I have to extend my thanks to the actors involved who made it work. If any of you a reading this you guys rock and I hope you’ll be back next year!

After my second panel wrapped up, I chatted with an old friend of mine from City Year who I found out was at Anime Boston the day before. I then went back to the Dealers’ Room for some last-minute shopping and settled on three handheld games at Gaming Underground. I got Lost Magic for the Nintendo DS (repurchase), Sonic Advance 2 (repurchase) and Super Mario Advance 4. I wasn’t expecting to find SMA4 at the price I got it ($15), let alone at all so…yeah.

By this time I was feeling really peckish so I had lunch in the PRU Food Court. I lost track of time and ended up getting to Closing Ceremonies really late. I did get to see most of the AMV winners though. After Closing Ceremonies I went to the Feedback Session in Room 208. Unlike the last 3 years I’d gone, this time I spoke. Even before I said anything they knew who I was from my recemt forum postings. I made it known the need for a bigger room for the Swap Meet. The short answer to that is it’s a work in progress. I nodded off more than a few times at both Closing Ceremonies and The Feedback Session.

…I’m glad I had the foresight to type most of this blog in advance xD

Anyways, this year’s con was amazing. Everyone had a good time and already I’m making preparations for AB2014. The sooner, the better ^_^

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