Day Two Over, The Swap Meet made my Manga shopping list a little shorter   Leave a comment

I was only there for 4 hours but there was alot going on. First, my Clannad panel. See my Anime Blog for the specifics on that. After my panel ended I got dinner from The Cheeseboy before heading up to the Swap Meet. As usual, they used Workshop 313. It quickly hit capacity several times during that 2 and a half hour block. At least unlike last year I actually made it to the swap meet. Once again I ended up swapping outside, though. I’m going to make the case for a BIGGER room for the Swap Meet next year. Otherwise I’m just going to swap my stuff in the hallway. It’s ridiculous knowing I’m going back to that room for the third day in a row at 11:30AM today. Friday I was at someone’s panel. Last night it was the Swap Meet. Today, I’m doing my Fan Fiction panel in the room so…yeah.

Moving on, I swapped for a whole bunch of Manga. I got Bleach Volumes 2-6, Code Geass Volumes 1-3 and R2 Volume 1, School Rumble Volume #1 and Two Mobile Suit Gundam Novels (first two volumes). I also swapped for a Manga Clip Art Book (comes with Program CD).

I’m definitely going to come back to next year’s Swap Meet. It puts the stock exchange to shame. Speaking of time, I’m going to head over to the con now. I wanna get there a bit early so I can take my time in the Dealers’ Room before my first panel starts. I’ll recap today from there during Closing Ceremonies. I’m gonna try to record it with my 3DS but make no guarantees about the quality. Same with video footage of the Dealers’ Room and the Artist Alley.

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